Randy Blythe Trial, Day 2: Deceased Concertgoer’s Friends Testify Against Lamb of God Frontman

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire As Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe ‘s Czech manslaughter trial remains in session, local media continues to cover the case’s developments from inside the courtroom. As we reported, Blythe began his trial yesterday (Feb. 4), claiming his innocence, and now there are new details to share from Day 2 of the trial. Czech news site Blesk.cz ┬áhas just put up a rundown of what occurred on Day 2 of Randy Blythe’s trial, which was full of witnesses testifying about the 2010 concert incident. Blythe was supported in court by his wife, Cindy, his parents and Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler , who took the stand yesterday to testify on behalf of Blythe. Various friends of the deceased concertgoer, known as ‘Daniel. N,’ gave their testimonies as well, holding Blythe responsible for Daniel’s death, which they say was caused by head trauma suffered at a 2010 Lamb of God show after Blythe allegedly pushed Daniel offstage. Yesterday in court, Blythe blasted security at the venue, saying they made no effort from stopping fans from jumping onstage. While he acknowledged there was an incident or two with another fan who rushed the stage at the show, he said he never made contact with Daniel. In today’s testimonies, one friend of the deceased fan stated, “He [Randy Blythe] pushed him off the stage. Dan fell on the back of his head. After the concert was over, something wasn’t right about Daniel and we called an ambulance.” One witness also claimed that Blythe asked Daniel if he was okay after taking the fall, and when Daniel replied, “Yes,” Lamb of God continued with their performance. According to The Gauntlet , All three witnesses offered different versions as to what actually transpired, but they were all in agreement in claiming that Blythe was “very aggressive during the concert.” “One person was kicked, and another strangled on stage,” one witness claimed. All three witnesses also denied that any announcement was made by venue staff to not climb over barricades, get close to security or to make their way onto the stage. Stay tuned for our continued coverage of Randy Blythe’s Czech trial. [button href=”http://loudwire.com/lamb-of-god-vocalist-randy-blythes-manslaughter-trial-begins-in-czech-republic/” title=”Next: Day 1 Recap of Randy Blythe Trial” align=”center”]

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Randy Blythe Trial, Day 2: Deceased Concertgoer’s Friends Testify Against Lamb of God Frontman

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