New Anthrax Guitarist – Readers Poll

Photo by Matthew Rodgers Anthrax fans were dealt a surprise last week when guitarist Rob Caggiano announced his exit from the band . The thrash metal veterans, who have seen a resurgence in recent years, have yet to name Caggiano’s replacement, but that won’t stop fans from speculating who might join the band. We’ve come up with our own list of potential fill-in guitarist candidates and are seeking your opinion as to who you would like to see rocking with the boys. With the ‘Metal Alliance’ tour looming, the most obvious phone call might be placed to Dan Spitz, who held the lead guitarist position from 1983-1995 and then returned to the group from 2005-2007 during their ‘Among the Living’ lineup reunion trek. WIth Anthrax set to play ‘Among the Living’ in full on this tour, Spitz would be a logical choice. Anthrax could stay inside the thrash community for a pair of possibilities. With Metallica off the road and digging through Kirk Hammett ‘s riff catalog , could the guitarist be lured out to join his “Big 4″ buddies? And we know that Exodus ‘ Gary Holt has done an admirable job filling in for Anthrax pals Slayer during Jeff Hanneman ‘s recovery period from a bizarre spider-bite infection. He’s also well versed in the ways of thrash metal and could slide in for Anthrax in a pinch. The rest of our list has more to do with wishful thinking. For instance, Zakk Wylde ‘s name is almost always mentioned when a high profile metal guitarist opening comes up. And after serving under Ozzy Osbourne for years, we know he works well with metal royalty. We also know that Mark Tremonti grew up on thrash metal. As a musician who has juggled many projects successfully, we think he’d be able to join up with Anthrax between  Alter Bridge sessions and Tremonti touring. And what about two prominent guitarists who are currently without bands? With  Rage Against the Machine not recording or lining up performances, how about Tom Morello lending his slight of hand to Anthrax’s tracks? Meanwhile, there’s no talk yet of Disturbed regrouping and David Draiman seems committed to getting his Device project off the ground, so how about drawing Dan Donegan out of hiatus to rock with Anthrax. And our final suggestion is for Anthrax to pull a fellow New York legend out for some shows. Lou Reed already has experience working with thrash titans Metallica, so why not let him take a stab at it (so long as there’s no ‘Lulu’ prose laid over the top of ‘Indians’). There you have it, our dream list of potential guitarists for Anthrax’s upcoming tour. Who would you most like to see perform with the band? Let us know in the Readers Poll below: Sorry, you need to have javascript running to see this poll. [button href=”” title=”Previous Readers Poll: Most Anticipated Early 2013 Metal Tour” align=”center”]

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New Anthrax Guitarist – Readers Poll

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