New Music Releases – February 2013

RCA There is some essential listening about to hit fans on February 2013, and here is a guide of the rock and metal albums you need to check out next month. Welsh metalcore giants Bullet for My Valentine are set to release their fourth studio album, ‘Temper Temper,’ on Feb. 12 … of course right in time for Valentine’s Day. The band ventured all the way to Thailand in order to track the record, purposely taking themselves out of their comfort zone for the writing and recording process. Brutal death metal legends Suffocation will bash your skull in with ‘Pinnacle of Bedlam’ in February with an album that successfully captures the heaviness of their live performance better than any of their past efforts. Maynard James Keenan ‘s Puscifer will also unveil new material in February with the collective’s next eclectic opus ‘Donkey Punch the Night.’ Other releases for Feb. 2013 include The Bronx’s ‘IV,’ Buckcherry ‘s ‘Confessions,’ Shai Hulud’s ‘Reach Beyond the Sun,’ RED ‘s ‘Release the Panic’ and many more. February 2013 Music Releases: Feb. 5: Blind Guardian, ‘A Travelers Guide to Space and Time’ (Box Set) The Bronx, ‘IV’ Deep Purple, ‘Slaves and Masters: The Deluxe Edition’ Misfits, ‘Dead Alive!’ (Live Album) Placebo, ‘Once More With Feeing: Singles 1996-2004′ RED, ‘Release the Panic’ Feb. 12: Bullet For My Valentine, ‘Temper Temper’ Pissed Jeans, ‘Honeys’ Feb. 19: Buckcherry, ‘Confessions’ Misery Index, ‘Live in Munich’ Motorhead, ‘Catch Scratch Fewer’ (Live Recordings) Portal, ‘Vexovoid’ Puscifer, ‘Donkey Punch the Night’ Shai Hulud, ‘Reach Beyond the Sun’ Suffocation, ‘Pinnacle of Bedlam’ Wednesday 13, ‘The Dixie Dead’ Feb. 26: Darkthrone, ‘The Underground Resistance’ Krokus, ‘Dirty Dynamite’ Saxon, ‘Sacrifice’ Stratovarius, ‘Nemesis’

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New Music Releases – February 2013

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