Nonpoint, ‘Nonpoint’ – Album Review

Razor & Tie Nonpoint have just released their self-titled seventh studio album. The new disc is the first to feature guitarists Rasheed Thomas and Dave Lizzio as well as bassist Adam Woloszyn. Nonpoint come out swinging with the first track ‘Lights, Camera, Action.’ Frontman Elias Soriano’s signature vocal style of a quick deliverance of lyrics accompanies by some serious melody. Speaking of melody, Soriano shows off his melodic vocals in the track ‘The Way I See Things’ as he sings the chorus, “ The way I see things / I could use a serious change of scenery / The ways I see things / I’d be better off / Better off if I leave .” Even though the song ‘I Said It’ is not the strongest example of Nonpoint’s usual catchy chorus on the album, it does show another level of Soriano as the track displays aggressive screaming and the vigorous drums skills of Robb Rivera. The lead single off of the album, ‘Left For You,’ is filled with deep riffs, deep bass lines and soaring vocals with a certain softness. Two minutes into ‘Left For You,’ Soriano slows the pace down as he croons, “ I’m trying to lead you away but i can’t / ’cause trying to keep us together is something that i know i can’t… do / I know I can’t do / Without you .” Additionally, the album is filled with faster-paced anthems where Soriano spits out lyrics with venom on tracks like ‘International Crisis,’ ‘That Day’ and ‘Temper,’ which features lyrics that shout as much warning as the galloping drum patterns and stern guitar solo and riffs. Guitarists Thomas and Lizzio also offer some enticing riffs on ‘Go Time’ that ring like an alarm, while Rivera shows off his serious skills behind the skins on the song ‘Independence Day,’ which is a prime example of the way Soriano merges both screams and harmony. There is a certain balance to ‘Nonpoint,’ which weaves in mid-tempo tracks that show off the melodic flow of the band such as ‘Another Mistake’ and ‘Pandora’s Box.’ Another notable track is ‘Ashes,’ which is definitely one of the more eclectic tracks on ‘Nonpoint,’ complete with Woloszyn’s tantalizing bass lines as the album ends as strong as it begins. There’s no doubt this forceful record will make you sweat and even pull through those dreadful last 15 minutes at the gym, especially since Nonpoint, both the album and band, are filled with a continuous flow of unyielding energy. ? [button href=”” title=”Check Out Photos of Nonpoint Performing in New York City” align=”center”]

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Nonpoint, ‘Nonpoint’ – Album Review

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