Ozzy Osbourne’s Son Jack Reportedly to Marry Fiancee Lisa Stelly in Hawaii

Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images Ozzy Osbourne ‘s son  Jack  and his fiance Lisa Stelly reportedly will be getting married this weekend in Hawaii. Ozzy and his wife  Sharon  will be welcoming Stelly, who is the mother of Jack’s 5-month-old daughter Pearl, into their family as the low-key wedding takes place either this coming Saturday (Oct. 5) or Sunday (Oct. 6). According to an undisclosed source, the New York Post has learned that Jack and Lisa recently sent out the invitations and asked their family and friends to keep the affair hush, hush. “They just sent the invites out and are asking guests to sign non-disclosure agreements,” says the anonymous source. Jack Osbourne has gone through a roller-coaster ride of emotions this year. He became a father  on April 24, but only weeks later revealed he is battling  multiple sclerosis . The first piece of news was met with the greatest of excitement by the Osbourne family, with his mother Sharon boasting, “It’s like a new life. There’s nothing like it, nothing like to witness it. It’s just an amazing event. You go through every emotion. You go through joy and you thank God that everybody is healthy and happy. You realize how lucky you are. It’s like life has gone full cycle in our family.” The reaction was quite different when Jack was diagnosed with MS, but Stelly has stood beside her future husband throughout it all. “It’s something great to focus on,” Stelly says about the upcoming wedding. “Even when I was at the hospital, we were discussing the plans. It’s going to be great. After we had the baby we decided we didn’t want to waste any more time.” As always, we’d like to give our best wishes to Jack and Lisa, along with both the Osbourne and Stelly families. Enjoy the toaster. [button href=”http://loudwire.com/ozzy-osbourne-celebrate-sharon-60th-birthday-the-talk/” title=”Next: Ozzy Osbourne to Toast Sharon’s 60th on ‘The Talk'” align=”center”]

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Ozzy Osbourne’s Son Jack Reportedly to Marry Fiancee Lisa Stelly in Hawaii

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