Between the Buried and Me Release Six-Minute Album Teaser for ‘The Parallax II’

Metal Blade We may have mentioned this a few times in some recent posts, but Between the Buried and Me ‘s upcoming album ‘The Parallax II: Future Sequence’ is insanely awesome. The record comes out Tuesday, Oct. 9, and BTBAM fans everywhere have been pulling their hair out waiting for it to drop, so to tide you over for the next few days, the band have posted teasers for every single song on ‘The Parallax II.’ Between the Buried and Me have been gifting their fans with an incredible amount of content from the yet-released album, including guitar demonstrations of ‘Telos’ from both Paul Waggoner and Dustie Waring. ‘Telos’ has been out for a few months now and BTBAM have released a music video for ‘Astral Body,’ but there are 10 more tracks which have yet to see the eternal darkness of space, which give ‘The Parallax II’ a total run time of over 72 minutes. Every track that BTBAM have teased in this new six-minute compilation is fairly well represented, but with every little bit Between the Buried and Me have chosen to tease fans with, there are dozens of licks, melodies, harmonies and nuances still left to be discovered on Oct. 9. Keep the lyric, ‘Goodbye to Everything’ in mind, because it’s a theme that is revisited many times throughout the band’s sonic space odyssey. Without further ado, treat your ears to some unreleased material from ‘The Parallax II: Future Sequence,’ and stay anxious for the album’s release. Between the Buried and Me, ‘The Parallax II’ Album Teaser [button href=”” title=”Between the Buried and Me: Top 21st Century Metal Songs” align=”center”]

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Between the Buried and Me Release Six-Minute Album Teaser for ‘The Parallax II’

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