Queensryche Trailer Reveals Sound of First New Music With Frontman Todd La Torre

Loud & Proud Queensryche have spent most of the year in the headlines for their legal issues with now former frontman Geoff Tate , but the time has come to put the court issues on the backburner and get back to making music. Fans can now check out the first taste of what a Todd La Torre-led Queensryche will sound like thanks to a new trailer that’s surfaced online. Helping to build the buzz, the trailer begins with the simple wordage, “Remember now. Remember how it started.” What follows is a string of snippets of songs that show off the range of La Torre, who can hit some of the highest highs that Tate used to hit, but also use his low register as well. In addition, it’s clear that being without the frequent creative force hasn’t led Queensryche members Scott Rockenfield, Eddie Jackson and Michael Wilton too far off course. The longtime Queensryche trio, along with veteran guitarist Parker Lundgren who joined a few years back, stay true to the roots that the band created years ago, at least in the snippets heard in the trailer. The band has been working with producer James “Jimbo” Barton on their forthcoming release, and as the trailer states, the new album will be “coming soon.” Watch Queensryche’s New Album Teaser Trailer [button href=”http://loudwire.com/queensryche-vocalist-todd-la-torre-denies-using-geoff-tate-vocal-tracks-at-live-shows/” title=”Next: Queensryche Vocalist Denies Using Geoff Tate Backing Tracks” align=”center”]

Queensryche Trailer Reveals Sound of First New Music With Frontman Todd La Torre

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