Serj Tankian Composes Score for New Video Game ‘Morning Star’

Warner Bros. Records Serj Tankian is quickly becoming one of modern rock’s most prolific musicians. Along with fronting both System of a Down and his solo project, Tankian recently created his ‘Orca’ symphony and released an album of classical music. Now, Tankian steps into the realm of video games for the second time in his career, composing the score for the upcoming Industrial Toys video game ‘Morning Star.’ The System of a Down singer expressed his enthusiasm for the project in the following statement. ”I’m really enjoying working on ‘Morning Star’ because it gives me the ability to create new musical worlds to complement the new visual worlds in the game. Though most of the gameplay will be action oriented cues, the stunning artwork and static scenes have inspired unique sounds unheard before.” Meanwhile,  Industrial Toys CEO Alex Seropian adds, ”We’ve been big fans of Serj’s for quite some time. The opportunity to collaborate with him on ‘Morning Star’ gave us a way to take the game to a whole new level. We knew his score would be unique, but it’s his ability to interpret a scene or gameplay element and come up with something that makes it moodier, more dramatic or just more awesome that’s really got us pumped.” Tankian first took on the challenge of scoring a video game for the critically acclaimed John Woo third-person shooter ‘Stranglehold.’ For ‘Morning Star,’ Tankian has concocted a sonic experiment to create sounds from 120 years in the future, acting as the background for players transporting across the cosmos to fight massive intergalactic battles. ‘Morning Star’ is scheduled for a spring 2013 release for IOS devices. Check out a trailer for the game featuring part of Serj Tankian’s musical score below: ‘Morning Star’ Video Game Trailer [button href=”” title=”Serj Tankian – Best Rock Albums of 2012″ align=”center”]

Serj Tankian Composes Score for New Video Game ‘Morning Star’

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