Vince Neil Offers Apology After ‘Gun Control’ Twitter Battle

Mary Ouellette, As we recently reported, Motley Crue vocalist Vince Neil found himself in a Twitter battle after advocating gun control while reacting to the horrific shooting in Newtown, Conn. After withstanding a barrage of criticism and firing off additional tweets attacking those who challenged him, Neil has now posted that he was “misunderstood” and offered apologies to those he offended. The Twitter feud began when Neil tweeted the following message: “Sad day today. Prayers to all the families. Gun Control!!!” After some ill will was directed at Neil about his stance on guns, the singer responded with the following series of tweets: Why is everyone so concerned with guns? What about the CHILDREN that were MURDERED today! Get your priorities straight!! Come on people!! — Vince Neil (@TheVinceNeil) December 14, 2012 I did say gun control but I didn’t think 90% of you would care more about your gun than dead children!!! — Vince Neil (@TheVinceNeil) December 14, 2012 FUCK YOU to EVERYONE who puts guns in front of kids!! Do not come to ANY shows! You are sick!! — Vince Neil (@TheVinceNeil) December 15, 2012 Today (Dec. 18), however, Neil apologized for the previous tweets by explaining that he was misunderstood while reminding his Twitter followers that he tragically lost his 4-year-old daughter Skylar to cancer: I’ve been misunderstood on this subject. It was upsetting to me that the focus was not on the children and their families. I lost a child — Vince Neil (@TheVinceNeil) December 18, 2012 that age. I never said ban guns. I said gun control. Sorry if I offended anyone. — Vince Neil (@TheVinceNeil) December 18, 2012

Vince Neil Offers Apology After ‘Gun Control’ Twitter Battle

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