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Zakk Wylde Likens Potential Pantera Reunion to Led Zeppelin Getting Back Together

Ethan Miller / George De Sota, Getty Images Zakk Wylde ‘s name has come up more than a few times this year as a fill-in for a potential Pantera reunion, but before that could ever happen, the remaining members would have to determine if a reunion without the full original lineup is in their best interest. Wylde tells Brave Words that Pantera getting back together after the death of Dimebag Darrell is similar to what Led Zeppelin had to consider when offers continued to flood in after the loss of John Bonham. Wylde explains, “The guys … they’d have to talk about it. THEY’RE Pantera (laughs). I mean, they’re the boys. You get em’ in a room, and I mean it should be like Led Zeppelin gettin’ back together. You know, the guys gotta work it out.” The guitarist, who also fronts Black Label Society , says that it’s been nice to hear both Vinnie Paul and Philip Anselmo even suggest that he might be the guy if they were to reunite, but there’s still a long way to go before that could happen. Wylde says, “Put it this way. I’d be beyond flattered if the guys wanted me to do it and were like, ‘Zakk, we really want to do it and we want you to honor Dime’ and everything. I would say, ‘Yeah, of course I would honor Dime.’ But it’d be like the Jimi Hendrix Experience; you know Mitch and Noel, they wanted to get together to celebrate Jimi’s life and they asked Eric Clapton to fill in and play the guitar and sing the songs. I mean, of course Eric would do it, cause he was buddies with him. It would be that type of thing. But that’ll be a bridge we cross, if the guys ever get to that point and they wanted to do it. But I’m friends with all the guys. I always wish the guys the best with whatever they’re doing. I just had Vinnie on my radio show and everything like that, so it’s all cool. Like I said, I’m good with all the guys. So it would just be up to them and like I said, it’d be a bridge we cross when we get there.” While the Wylde rumor has been a hot one for some time, Anselmo stated earlier this week that even though he had met with Wylde recently, talk of the guitarist being part of a potential Pantera reunion had been blown way out of context . [button href=”” title=”Next: 10 Best Pantera Songs” align=”center”]

James Lomenzo + Mark ‘Abba’ Abbattista Share How Metal Aided Their ‘Amazing Race’ Journey

CBS While viewers have yet to see even see the first episode of the new season of ‘The Amazing Race,’ rockers James LoMenzo and Mark ‘Abba’ Abbattista have completed their journey and now get to reflect on it with the rest of America. LoMenzo, a veteran of Megadeth , Black Label Society , and White Lion who is now a member of Hail!, and his partner on the race and Hail! cohort Abbattista are flying the metal flag on this year’s edition and they told how their time on the road actually benefitted them. LoMenzo says, “The weird thing is Mark and I have traveled all over the world with our band Hail! To me, this is in so many ways, even though we have much more going on, much more enjoyable. For one thing, I didn’t have to carry a guitar on my back getting on airplanes. All we had to carry places was a really light backpack. It was just so much fun having to do nothing but compete everyday.” Abbattista added, “Only having one person yelling at me instead of the whole band was great!” LoMenzo admitted there were a few times during the race where their familiarity to metal fans aided their journey, though not as much as they initially thought might happen. “Things are just so frantic and we never really stayed in one place for very long,” explains LoMenzo. “There were some times it came to our advantage. I don’t know if we’ll see it on the show, but it definitely happened.” Though they could not reveal their fate, the bandmates were one of 11 teams competing for a $2 million dollar prize. By the time the season ends, the winning team will have covered over 25,000 miles spanning three continents. The 21st season of ‘The Amazing Race’ begins tonight (Sept. 30) at 8PM ET/PT on CBS. [button href=”” title=”Next: Top 10 Megadeth Songs” align=”center”]

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