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Opeth Cover Black Sabbath and Napalm Death During Performance in Germany

Roadrunner Swedish progressive metal masters Opeth have the technical abilities to play almost any metal song ever written. During a tour stop in Germany, the band recently performed two legendary tracks, one of which is perhaps the world’s easiest metal song to play, mostly because it’s only two-seconds long. Opeth frontman Mikael Akerfeldt began to introduce the cover that group had planned on playing, ‘Solitude’ by Black Sabbath , but started to speak about how they had also covered Napalm Death ‘s ‘You Suffer’ in the past. After some cheers from the audience, Opeth performed ‘You Suffer’ in its two-second entirety for the exhilarated audience. Akerfeldt then went on to introduce ‘Solitude,’ a song that Opeth had played in the past. “Opeth, back in the day, in the early ’90s, we used to play this song. Back then I was really into making good-sounding rehearsal tapes, basically not proper studio demos, but you just have a tape recorder in the rehearsal room and record your band practice. And they had to be perfect, there couldn’t be any noise prior to the song or after the song, it had to be like a proper recording. I was very anal about that kind of thing.” He continues, “This song, we recorded and the drummer at the time had a cymbal on the drumstick, and it sounded perfect but in the end, he dropped the cymbal, [makes crashing noise] so I had to do it again. So don’t drop the f—ing cymbal.” Both Sabbath and Opeth fans are sure to appreciate this cover, as it’s masterfully pulled off by Akerfeldt and the boys. Opeth Perform Napalm Death’s ‘You Suffer’ and Black Sabbath’s ‘Solitude’ Live

Soundgarden Unveil ‘King Animal’ Album Cover, Track Listing + Trailer

All the details for the upcoming Soundgarden disc are coming into place, piece by piece. With a confirmed title of ‘King Animal’ and the first single ‘Been Away Too Long’ set to impact radio shortly, the band now has officially confirmed the release date while sharing the cover art and finalizing the disc’s track listing. ‘King Animal’ is set to be unleashed on Nov. 13, and the artwork, which can

12 Stones vs. Godsmack – Cage Match

After relentless voting from fans, 12 Stones pulled out a major win against All That Remains in the last Cage Match. Will 12 Stones be able to do it again versus today’s competitors? Godsmack enter the matchup with their cover single of the Beatles classic ‘Come Together’ off of their ‘Live & Inspired’ album. They also cover bands such as Metallica, Pink Floyd and Joe Walsh on the ‘Inspired’ part

All That Remains Unveil ‘A War You Cannot Win’ Album Artwork + ‘Stand Up’ Lyric Video

All That Remains have shared both the cover art and a lyric video for ‘Stand Up‘ from their upcoming seventh studio album ‘A War You Cannot Win,’ which follows the disc ‘For We Are Many.’ The album drops on Nov. 6 via Razor & Tie. Just in time for Election Day, which is poignant in relation to the band, given politically informed frontman Phil Labonte’s recent public comments about the right

Exclusive: Candlelight Red Unveil Cover Artwork for ‘Demons’ EP

Candlelight Red are set to unleash their new EP, ‘Demons,’ on Aug. 14, and we’ve got the exclusive first look at the cover artwork right here at Loudwire. The forthcoming EP packs four fresh tracks, all produced by Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose. “The new EP is a great way to enter the summer and give our fans some fresh music before we go back in to record our new full

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