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Lars Ulrich Confirms Metallica Have Begun Work on 10th Studio Album

Facebook: Metallica Worry not, Metallica fans, for your thrash heroes have officially begun the writing process for a new album. As the follow-up to the band’s 2008 album, ‘Death Magnetic,’ the as-yet-untitled album has so far been described by drummer Lars Ulrich as “heavy,” “energetic” and “fast.” Ulrich spilled the beans to Metal Hammer for the publication’s January 2013 issue, describing the potential framework to Metallica’s 10th album, which is expected to drop in 2014. “The stuff that we were banging out yesterday, it felt heavy, it felt energetic, it was loud, it was fast, it was rocking, it was crazy,” gushes Ulrich. “The snare drum was on there and there were guitar solos, in case anybody was wondering. What we’re doing now certainly sounds like a continuation of where we left off four years ago.” Despite Ulrich’s transparency in discussing the upcoming album, the drummer would not confirm nor deny the inclusion of legendary producer Rick Rubin, who took hold of the board during the ‘Death Magnetic’ recording sessions. “I love Rick, we all love Rick,” assures Ulrich. “We’re in touch with Rick constantly. We’ll see where it goes.” Metallica’s 2014 album will be their first to be released via Blackened Recordings , a label the band recently launched after taking ownership of all their master recordings. “It’s always been about control for us as a band,” says drummer Lars Ulrich. “Forming Blackened Recordings is the ultimate in independence, giving us 100 percent control and putting us in the driver’s seat of our own creative destiny.” Stay tuned for more news on Metallica’s upcoming 10th album as news breaks. [button href=”” title=”Get All the Latest Metallica News Here” align=”center”]

Kirk Hammett Talks Upcoming Metallica Album, Recalls Encounters With Kurt Cobain

Theo Wargo, Getty Images Metallica are busy with their 3D film right now, but guitarist Kirk Hammett says work on their follow-up to ‘Death Magnetic’ will ‘happen soon.’ The guitarist tells Rolling Stone , “Right now, we’re kind of preoccupied with dealing with this 3D movie that we shot up in Canada last month. So that’s kind of taking our time right now – that’s the priority, to deal with that. But once we’re done with that, we’re going to start hunkering down and putting riffs together. That’s all going to happen soon. I really don’t have an answer about Rick Rubin, although his name certainly comes up.” In the same interview, Hammett remembers his encounters with Nirvana  frontman  Kurt Cobain . The guitarist recalls, “He told me that [‘Whiplash’ was his favorite Metallica song]. He came to one of our shows in Seattle, on the ‘Black Album’ tour. I remember at one point, we were playing ‘Whiplash,’ and he looked at me and kept punching the air with his fist and gave me this big thumbs up sign.” Hammett says after seeing the reaction, they dedicated the track to Cobain. The guitarist says, “I knew Kurt kind of well and I hung out with him quite a bit. He was a pretty big Metallica fan – I was surprised at how much of a Metallica fan he was. He loved ‘Ride the Lightning.’ He loved that album.” While the 3D movie and eventual album work are the primary priorities for Hammett, he’s also managing to find some spare time to release his ‘ Too Much Horror Business ‘ book, detailing his extensive collection of horror memorabilia. The guitarist says, “Over the last five years or so, I started to get a few items that made my collection just that much better. I mean, really raised the overall quality of my collection. I thought, ‘I can’t be the solitary collector. It’s time for me to share it with the world.’ So this book is my gift to all the other monster kids and all the other horror nerds out there, who love this stuff as much as I do.” [button href=”” title=”Next: Kirk Hammett Book Signing Tour” align=”center”]

Metallica to Focus on 10th Album Beginning in September

Four years since Metallica released ‘Death Magnetic,’ the band have announced that they will begin to ‘concentrate on new music’ for their next album beginning in September. Metallica will once again team with legendary producer Rick Rubin to craft the band’s 10th album. During a conference call to discuss the band’s headlining appearance at the Outside Lands festival, drummer Lars Ulrich began sung the praises of frontman James Hetfield and

Metallica – Making of Death Magnetic

I love anything Metallica, so while searching fo material to put on this site I found a youtube video that has almost 2 hours of video footage of Metallica making Death Magnetic. I hope you guys enjoy this.  

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