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Metallica Interviewed By CBS

(CBS News) “Enter Sandman” was one of the high-voltage hits that’s put the rock band Metallica on the charts again and again. They talk about the good times — and bad — with Anthony Mason . . . For The Record: As if the world’s biggest heavy metal band wasn’t big enough, in their film, “Metallica […]

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich + Snowboarder Pat Moore Discuss New Vans Shoe

Mary Ouellette, Metallica ‘s recent Vans shoes video series is now complete with drummer Lars Ulrich meeting with snowboarding great Pat Moore to spend some time on the slopes and discuss the creation of Ulrich’s newly designed Vans shoe. In the clip, Ulrich and Moore seem to be having a great day skiing and boarding. Moore talks metal with Ulrich and revealed that even though snowboarding may seem to be a peaceful sport, he gets himself amped up with some hard rocking. He explains, “I’m full metal, dude, and if I’m snowboarding, I’ll put in my music and if I’m listening to metal, I get so juiced. It’s dangerous.” After some time racing down the hill, the pair meet up for a fireside chat, where Ulrich discusses the creation of his new Metallica Era Laceless shoe. The drummer explains, “The last couple of years I’ve been getting into footwear that’s kind of laceless. And so when these guys asked what I wanted to do, I didn’t hesitate. I have this line with Tama where I make these snare drums that are made out of diamond plate and that’s kind of my signature, so you’ve got the diamond plate here [on the side] and the Metallica logo and the little cartoony silly Lars in there (inner sole) … and doing the bottom black and just had a great, easy, kind of effortless shoe.” The rocker shared his creative involvement, explaining, “I sat with the drawings and sat with the team and six months later these magically appeared, like in my lap. It’s like, ‘Oh cool, I have my own Vans shoe. How f—ing cool is that?’” Ulrich’s Vans video follows recent clips from James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo , in which the musicians met with skater Steve Caballero, pro surfer Nathan Fletcher and Vans team skater Tony Trujillo. For more information on the new Metallica Vans Line and to find out how to order your shoes, click here . Watch Lars Ulrich and Pat Moore Bond Over Skiing and Vans Shoes [button href=”” title=”Next: Metallica Deny U.S. Military Contact Concerning Music Interrogation” align=”center”]

Lars Ulrich Confirms Metallica Have Begun Work on 10th Studio Album

Facebook: Metallica Worry not, Metallica fans, for your thrash heroes have officially begun the writing process for a new album. As the follow-up to the band’s 2008 album, ‘Death Magnetic,’ the as-yet-untitled album has so far been described by drummer Lars Ulrich as “heavy,” “energetic” and “fast.” Ulrich spilled the beans to Metal Hammer for the publication’s January 2013 issue, describing the potential framework to Metallica’s 10th album, which is expected to drop in 2014. “The stuff that we were banging out yesterday, it felt heavy, it felt energetic, it was loud, it was fast, it was rocking, it was crazy,” gushes Ulrich. “The snare drum was on there and there were guitar solos, in case anybody was wondering. What we’re doing now certainly sounds like a continuation of where we left off four years ago.” Despite Ulrich’s transparency in discussing the upcoming album, the drummer would not confirm nor deny the inclusion of legendary producer Rick Rubin, who took hold of the board during the ‘Death Magnetic’ recording sessions. “I love Rick, we all love Rick,” assures Ulrich. “We’re in touch with Rick constantly. We’ll see where it goes.” Metallica’s 2014 album will be their first to be released via Blackened Recordings , a label the band recently launched after taking ownership of all their master recordings. “It’s always been about control for us as a band,” says drummer Lars Ulrich. “Forming Blackened Recordings is the ultimate in independence, giving us 100 percent control and putting us in the driver’s seat of our own creative destiny.” Stay tuned for more news on Metallica’s upcoming 10th album as news breaks. [button href=”” title=”Get All the Latest Metallica News Here” align=”center”]

The Many Faces of Metallica’s Lars Ulrich

Ethan Miller, Getty Images Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is a man of many faces, and as a member of metal’s most commercially successful band, there’s often a camera nearby to capture each golden pose. The expressionist affectation; the triumph through exertion; the elegance in despondency; the rudimentary essence of profound creation … Yes, these faces are often peculiar, but like Michelangelo’s ‘David’ or Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa,’ Lars Ulrich’s many expressions are conceptual masterpieces. Please take a moment to gaze upon Mr. Ulrich and his many faces: ‘The O-Face of Ecstasy’ Ethan Miller, Getty Images ‘The Taster’ Ethan Miller, Getty Images ‘The Limp Leer’ Frank Micelotta, Getty Images ‘The Catcher of Snowflakes’ Ethan Miller, Getty Images ‘The Frown of a Lover Lost’ Neilsen Barnard, Getty Images ‘The Unintended Drumstick to the Groin’ Jeff Fusco, Getty Images ‘The Perplexed Fixation’ Ethan Miller, Getty Images ‘The Misunderstanding of Hide and Seek’ Kevin Winter, Getty Images ‘The Duckbilled Smooch’ Noel Vasquez, Getty Images ‘The Incontinence Revelation’ Jeff Fusco, Getty Images ‘The French Tickler’ Kevin Winter, Getty Images ‘The Constipation Demonstration’ Ethan Miller, Getty Images ‘The Wandering Jaw’ Paul Hawthorne, Getty Images [button href=”” title=”Click Here for Complete Metallica Coverage” align=”center”]

Lars Ulrich To Write Liner Notes For Megadeth

It’s not April 1st and there’s nothing wrong with your web browser. Lars Ulrich is to write liner notes for Megadeth. Get the full story inside! Dave Mustaine’s former bandmate and buddy/arch nemesis (delete as appropriate) Lars Ulrich it to pen the liner notes for an upcoming reissue of the classic megadeth album, ‘Peace Sells…But […]

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