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Puddle of Mudd Frontman Wes Scantlin’s Ex-Wife Claims He Stole Her Car

Frank Micelotta, Getty Images Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin may have a little more legal trouble on the horizon. The musician’s ex-wife claims that Scantlin stole her car this past week. According to TMZ , Jessica Scantlin claims she woke up Monday morning (Feb. 18) to discover that her Honda Pilot had been taken from her home. Jessica stated that she texted Scantlin’s manager and demanded the return of the car. The manager texted back the location of the vehicle several hours later, but also stated, “Wes didn’t take your car.” After the vehicle was returned, police impounded the car to test for prints. Even though the results have yet to be revealed, Jessica stated she was “100 percent sure it’s Wes” because the windows weren’t broken and it’s likely he had a spare key. Jessica retained the vehicle as part of their divorce settlement. It was allegedly returned with bumper damage and missing a side view mirror. In addition, she claimed to have received threatening texts from Scantlin, which her lawyer used to file a request to have the vocalist held in contempt of court.┬áThe couple officially divorced last summer, with the frontman signing the divorce papers with two smiley faces. [button href=”” title=”Next: Wes Scantlin Cleared of Public Intoxication Charge” align=”center”]

Linkin Park Plot Pyro Avoidance in Honda Civic Tour Preparation Video

Anyone who’s kept up with Linkin Park over the years knows Chester Bennington‘s knack for getting injured. The singer has had more freak injuries over the years than you can imagine, so the group had a few concerns when their new stage setup was introduced prior to the Honda Civic Tour. In Linkin Park’s latest behind-the-scenes video, they get their first close-up look at how the pyro for their stage

Brandon Boyd Says Incubus Will Likely Take a Break and Eyes Second Solo Album

Incubus singer Brandon Boyd has revealed that the band has no immediate plan for the future as they close out the promotion cycle for 2011′s ‘If Not Now, When?’ with the Honda Civic tour. The future is uncertain in terms of the band’s label situation, as it completed its contract with longtime label Epic. Therefore, Boyd spoke about these aspects and about his personal aspirations. “We have no plans, to

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