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Puddle of Mudd Frontman Wes Scantlin’s Ex-Wife Claims He Stole Her Car

Frank Micelotta, Getty Images Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin may have a little more legal trouble on the horizon. The musician’s ex-wife claims that Scantlin stole her car this past week. According to TMZ , Jessica Scantlin claims she woke up Monday morning (Feb. 18) to discover that her Honda Pilot had been taken from her home. Jessica stated that she texted Scantlin’s manager and demanded the return of the car. The manager texted back the location of the vehicle several hours later, but also stated, “Wes didn’t take your car.” After the vehicle was returned, police impounded the car to test for prints. Even though the results have yet to be revealed, Jessica stated she was “100 percent sure it’s Wes” because the windows weren’t broken and it’s likely he had a spare key. Jessica retained the vehicle as part of their divorce settlement. It was allegedly returned with bumper damage and missing a side view mirror. In addition, she claimed to have received threatening texts from Scantlin, which her lawyer used to file a request to have the vocalist held in contempt of court. The couple officially divorced last summer, with the frontman signing the divorce papers with two smiley faces. [button href=”” title=”Next: Wes Scantlin Cleared of Public Intoxication Charge” align=”center”]

Kid Rock Presents Wounded Warrior With New Michigan Home

Rick Diamond, Getty Images Kid Rock ‘s generosity knows no bounds, especially when it comes to his hometown of Detroit and by extension his home state of Michigan. The rocker’s good will was on display again recently when he teamed with Pulte Homes and Operation Finally Home to have a new home built for a returning “wounded warrior” and his family. reports that Sgt. Davin Dumar, an Army vet who lost his left leg and injured his arm after an improvised explosive device went off, first learned that his family was in the running for a new home last fall. According to a CNN report (seen below), Dumar and his wife were one of a handful of couples under consideration for the home, having undergone a series of interviews to be chosen. The couple was on their way to a model home, presumably for one final interview, when they were greeted by Rock and representatives from Pulte Homes and Operation Finally Home who were there to share the news that they had been selected and to show them the designs of their new home. Rock stated, “My heart is pumping just to be part of it. Just to work with Dan [from Operation Finally Home] to make it happen for someone like Sgt. Dumar here, so deserving.” For his part, Dumar shared his shock at the events of the day, adding, “I’m completely surprised. I certainly didn’t think I’d be having a cigar with Kid Rock today.” MLive reports that after construction started late last year, the couple recently moved into their Macomb Township home. Watch Kid Rock Present Sgt. Davin Dumar With a New Home (from CNN) [button href=”” title=”Next: Kid Rock Picks Up High School Band’s $2500 Travel Bill” align=”center”]

Dave Mustaine on New Megadeth Album: ‘We’re Almost Done With It’

Facebook: Megadeth Megadeth are hitting the home stretch on their latest album. In a picture posting on the band’s Facebook page , it was revealed that Dave Mustaine and drummer Shawn Drover were finishing up tracking on the ten songs for their upcoming album, with another song set to wrap things up that evening. The photo (seen above) shows Mustaine and Drover in the studio together. With the album near completion, Mustaine offered a few more details in a video interview with at the NAMM Convention. The singer-guitarist said of the upcoming disc, “We’re almost done with it. We’ve been doing it with [producer] Johnny K, doing it down in San Diego where I live. And he’s gonna be mixing it out in Chicago at his studio out there. You know, it’s really incredible this way … Last night, Dave Ellefson — he’ll probably not appreciate me telling this story — but he was sitting in a chair and his hand was hanging over the side of the chair, and I said, ‘What’s the matter? ‘ and he goes, like, ‘Man, I haven’t played this much in a long time.’ And I was like, ‘Good.’ So that was really exciting for me, cause David, he’s a monster on bass guitar, and for him to be saying stuff like that and just showing that he’s a little tired because there’s so much activity with the songs, I think the fans are really gonna respond to that.” Mustaine also stated that touring is starting to take shape as well. The band has already signed on for some dates with Iron Maiden in Europe and a number of headlining shows in the U.K. this summer, with a North American trek expected to follow. He also revealed that the ‘Gigantour’ touring brand may be revived for their late year performances. “We’ve got some really interesting lineups for that,” says Mustaine. “Most people would look at the lineup and they would think, like, ‘Dave’s not gonna tolerate your crap at all,’ because there’s a couple of people that we have that are on the lineup — and we’re hoping for the best — but they’re notorious bad boys. But when people grow up, they kind of grow up, they just don’t grown old, and we’re hoping that the music is gonna be the most important thing so that the fans will get what they want.” Mustaine also revealed that the band has chosen a new record label after parting ways with Roadrunner Records, but did not specify which label. Watch Dave Mustaine’s Video Interview With [button href=”” title=”Next: Check Out 2013’s Must-See Metal Concerts” align=”center”]

Daily Reload: Ozzy Osbourne, Lacuna Coil + More

Jeff Gross, Getty Images – Ozzy Osbourne suffered injuries in a freak fire at his home. Details here: [ Loudwire ] – Founding Lacuna Coil member and Cayne guitarist Claudio Leo has died. [ Loudwire ] – Guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch is streaming Love and Death ‘s new album ahead of its release + more Euro dates featuring Head reuniting with his former band Korn  have been announced. [ Loudwire ] – David Draiman discusses Disturbed ‘s lengthy hiatus and his latest production project is revealed. [ Loudwire ] – Watch the hard-hitting new video ‘Soldierhead’ from Newsted right here. [ Loudwire ] – The Black Keys and the Dave Matthews Band will be among the top acts playing the 2013 New Orleans Jazz Festival. [ ] – Radiohead ‘s Thom Yorke has warned British Prime Minister David Cameron not to use any of his songs for future election campaigns. [ ] – Two Detroit icons — Kid Rock and Bob Seger — will team up for a pair of upcoming dates. [ Ultimate Classic Rock ] – Need more cowbell? Check out Ultimate Classic Rock’s Top 10 Cowbell Songs list. [ Ultimate Classic Rock ]

Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe ‘Getting Ready Mentally’ for Czech Republic Trial

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire One month ago, Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe was handed the reality of a court date in the Czech Republic. Facing manslaughter charges in an incredibly controversial case stemming from a 2010 concert incident, Blythe’s legal proceedings are set to begin on Feb. 4 . With the proverbial hourglass drawing closer to an empty top, Blythe recently posted a poetic and introspective piece of writing on his Instagram account detailing his thoughts. Although Randy Blythe could conceivably remain in the United States to avoid his trial, the vocalist has chosen to face the Prague 8 District Court and fight the charges brought against him. Blythe, who spent five weeks in a Czech prison over the summer while awaiting his bail to be approves, had given his situation a great deal of thought over the past few months. Upon discovering an old suitcase while out and about in his hometown of Richmond, Va., Blythe was inspired to write about his upcoming trial in the Czech Republic: The last 2 or 3 days I have been getting ready mentally to leave my home & return to Prague to do this whole trial thing in early February. It’s not something I particularly WANT to do; but inside, my gut & heart tells me it is the RIGHT thing to do. I cannot turn my back [on] the right thing. As I’ve been thinking, I’ve [been] shooting [pictures] a lot around my hometown. I love this place. A couple of days ago I went to my mechanic to get my truck worked on- the garage is over near the CSX train yard here in Richmond. I dropped off my truck & went creeping under the over pass that runs above the tracks. As usual, there was a lot of sleeping gear, trash, old mattresses & stuff that homeless people keep there. In my younger days, I used to ride freight trains across our country. I have spent many nights under bridges just like this one in freight yards across the USA. I have always loved to travel, & have been across the USA three times without a dime in my pocket most of the time, learning the survival skills of the hobos & street people of our country. You can get by with almost nothing if you know what you are doing. This old suit case sitting up on this ledge really captured my attention. I wonder what it once held? Safe travels to whoever owns it… As mentioned, Randy Blythe’s trial is scheduled to commence on Feb. 4. In addition to the aforementioned suitcase, the Lamb of God frontman has posted a number of his photos on his Instagram account recently, including recent images of his Virginia hometown and his travels in New York City, as well as vintage pictures of him posing with the late Dimebag Darrell. Check them out here . [button href=”” title=”Lamb of God Nominated for 2013 Grammy Award” align=”center”]

Metallica Take Full Ownership of Master Recordings, Launch Own ‘Blackened’ Label

Blackened Recordings Metallica have just revealed the beginning of a new era in their history. Not only has the band launched their own record label, Blackened Recordings, but as of today, all of Metallica’s master recordings have reverted back to the band, giving them full ownership of their entire catalog. All the way back in 1994, Metallica made a deal with Warner Music Group that on Nov. 30, 2012, the band would exclusively own all of their recordings, including all their music videos and long form videos. According to statements from various band members, there is no ill will against Warner, the move is simply to possess full creative control of what happens with the music of Metallica from here forth. “We would like to thank everyone at the Warner Music Group for 28 years of a fantastic relationship, particularly since 1994 where we truly felt we had partners in every aspect of our business in North America,” says James Hetfield . Blackened Recordings will now be the home of everything Metallica, and will handle all marketing and promotion duties. The label is set to personally license their releases to Universal Music Group internationally. “It’s always been about control for us as a band,” says drummer Lars Ulrich .  “Forming Blackened Recordings is the ultimate in independence, giving us 100% control and putting us in the driver’s seat of our own creative destiny.” Blackened Recordings will put out it’s inaugural release, the ‘ Quebec Magnetic ‘ DVD, on Dec. 10, which showcases footage from two Quebec City live performances recorded in 2009. [button href=”” title=”See All the Latest Metallica News Here” align=”center”]

Frances Bean Cobain Apparently Claims Home Intruder Was Trying to Kill Her Fiance

Twitter: alka_seltzer666 Frances Bean Cobain has apparently created a new Twitter account to reveal what she says is the true story behind the motivations of the man recently  arrested for breaking into her home . While not completely confirmed, the new Twitter account, alka_seltzer666 , seems to be authentic as it does contain two new Instagram pictures of Frances Bean looking very much like a cross between her father, late  Nirvana  frontman  Kurt Cobain , and her mother, Courtney Love. Tweeting that “the police aren’t doing their jobs and have released inaccurate information” regarding the case, Frances Bean went on to explain “this situation is far more serious than a ‘transient’ wandering into my home & eating my food.,” as had been reported , but an obsessed, homicidal fan of her late father. “We later found out that he considers my fiancé a ‘problem’ and planed [sic] to kill him,” continued  Frances Bean. “The intruder wrote my fiancé’s first & last name out in his journal with the words ‘Kill’ circled and pointing to his name.” It’s the type of incident that would make a lot of people want to just curl up in a little ball for awhile, but Cobain isn’t about to let the situation resolve itself quietly — as she put it , “I figure releasing this information directly to the public will garner media attention & hopefully will mean that this b—— f—– won’t have the opportunity to be released from jail & can’t hurt those i love because of his obsession with someone i’m related to.” All of the above quoted material assumes that Frances Bean is the rightful owner of the specified Twitter account. Again, this is not confirmed. The suspect, 22-year-old Mark James Franco, pleaded not guilty to charges of first degree burglary. He was reported to have been doing laundry and helping himself to food when a Frances Bean relative discovered him in the Los Angeles home. [button href=”” title=”More on the Frances Bean Cobain Burglary Case Here” align=”center”] Twitter: alka-seltzer666

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