Frances Bean Cobain Apparently Claims Home Intruder Was Trying to Kill Her Fiance

Twitter: alka_seltzer666 Frances Bean Cobain has apparently created a new Twitter account to reveal what she says is the true story behind the motivations of the man recently  arrested for breaking into her home . While not completely confirmed, the new Twitter account, alka_seltzer666 , seems to be authentic as it does contain two new Instagram pictures of Frances Bean looking very much like a cross between her father, late  Nirvana  frontman  Kurt Cobain , and her mother, Courtney Love. Tweeting that “the police aren’t doing their jobs and have released inaccurate information” regarding the case, Frances Bean went on to explain “this situation is far more serious than a ‘transient’ wandering into my home & eating my food.,” as had been reported , but an obsessed, homicidal fan of her late father. “We later found out that he considers my fiancé a ‘problem’ and planed [sic] to kill him,” continued  Frances Bean. “The intruder wrote my fiancé’s first & last name out in his journal with the words ‘Kill’ circled and pointing to his name.” It’s the type of incident that would make a lot of people want to just curl up in a little ball for awhile, but Cobain isn’t about to let the situation resolve itself quietly — as she put it , “I figure releasing this information directly to the public will garner media attention & hopefully will mean that this b—— f—– won’t have the opportunity to be released from jail & can’t hurt those i love because of his obsession with someone i’m related to.” All of the above quoted material assumes that Frances Bean is the rightful owner of the specified Twitter account. Again, this is not confirmed. The suspect, 22-year-old Mark James Franco, pleaded not guilty to charges of first degree burglary. He was reported to have been doing laundry and helping himself to food when a Frances Bean relative discovered him in the Los Angeles home. [button href=”” title=”More on the Frances Bean Cobain Burglary Case Here” align=”center”] Twitter: alka-seltzer666

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Frances Bean Cobain Apparently Claims Home Intruder Was Trying to Kill Her Fiance

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