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Ozzy Osbourne Rings in New Year With Granddaughter Pearl

Jack Osbourne: Official Instagram Get ready to say, “Awwwww.” Above is a pic of legendary Black Sabbath vocalist Ozzy Osbourne holding his newest granddaughter Pearl as the two celebrate the New Year together. Ozzy became a grandfather for the fifth time last year, when son Jack and now-wife Lisa Stelly welcomed the baby girl into the world. Jack Osbourne posted this picture of Ozzy and Pearl on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages last night (Jan. 1). This is the second picture of Ozzy and Pearl together that we’ve seen, as an earlier pic of the duo on the Sabbath singer’s private jet was revealed in November (see below). Hello! magazine was the first publication to introduce Pearl to the public shortly after she was born on April 24, 2012. “People say when you have a kid, it’s like instant love, but unless you’ve experienced it, it’s impossible to comprehend,” Jack Osbourne told Hello! “The moment I saw her, I felt more love than I’d ever felt for anything. It was the weirdest, most overwhelming thing.” Not only are we jealous of Pearl for having the coolest grandpa ever, but it’s likely that the child has already heard some of the new Sabbath album. Unfortunately for us, Pearl probably can’t be convinced to mail us a digital copy … yet. [button href=”” title=”Ozzy Osbourne Discusses Black Sabbath History + His Public Perception” align=”center”] Earlier Photo From November: Jack Osbourne: Facebook

Cannibal Corpse’s Paul Mazurkiewicz Discusses ‘Torture,’ the Evolution of the Band + More

The 2012 Summer Slaughter Tour is almost at its end, but luckily, at the New York City stop on “the most extreme tour of the year,” we got the opportunity to speak with legendary Cannibal Corpse drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz. Early on into the all-day festival, we managed to make our way backstage for a chat with Mazurkiewicz about the band’s newest album, ‘Torture,’ how the Internet era changed the public’s

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