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Green Day Ditch Politics for Heartfelt, Classic Rock-Inspired Songs

Green Day have mapped out a pretty significant chunk of music over the next six or so months, with a trio of albums dubbed ‘Uno,’ ‘Dos,’ and ‘Tre’ coming in succession and redefining the band’s sound. The group have reportedly had enough of the politically-based rock that dominated the last decade and have a different direction in mind. Singer Billie Joe Armstrong states in the latest edition of Rolling Stone,

Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello Bashes Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan

One of the things that can be frustrating about being an artist is your inability to control the way your work is interpreted or enjoyed — as Rage Against the Machine‘s Tom Morello is rediscovering this week, upon learning that Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan is a big fan of his band. Morello expressed his consternation in a Rolling Stone editorial, pointing out that Rage’s outspoken support for progressive

Creed Singer Scott Stapp to Share His Life Story in New Memoir

Creed singer Scott Stapp has been very open about his past issues with drugs, alcohol and depression, but now he’s decided to tell his story in a more literary form. The vocalist has revealed that his new memoir, ‘Sinner’s Creed,’ will arrive in stores Oct. 2. It will be available through Tyndale House Publishers. Billboard reports that Stapp worked closely with Rolling Stone writer David Ritz to share his struggles

Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe Recounts Prison Life, Discusses Czech Trial Return

Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe is now home and ready to discuss his time behind bars and his plans to return to the Czech Republic to face charges relating to his alleged involvement in the death of a fan during a show in 2010. The singer told Rolling Stone that he had a lot of time on his hands while in jail. He explained, “Except for Saturday or Sunday,

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