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Dead Sara vs. Call Me No One – Cage Match

Dead Sara continue on the road to victory after beating out Kyng in the last Cage Match; will they be able to do it again? Call Me No One shake things up with their latest single ‘Thunderbird’ off of their debut album, ‘Last Parade.’ The band, which is made up of Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose and guitarist Clint Lowery, recently wrapped a a handful of dates but they’re bound to

Dead Sara vs. Kyng – Cage Match

Dead Sara fans came alive to rally against Otherwise in the last Cage Match but can they do it again against today’s competition? Rock trio Kyng take the matchup by storm with their brand new single ‘Bleed Easy’ off of their debut disc ‘Trampled Sun.’ The band has already done heavy amounts of touring, which included playing with In Flames and Trivium, and also being a part of this year’s

Rise to Remain Singer Austin Dickinson Talks Warped Tour, Debut Album, Love of Hats + More

Rise to Remain have unleashed their debut album ‘City of Vultures’ and they are currently on tour in the States as part of this year’s Warped Tour lineup. Loudwire recently had the opportunity to chat with the band’s frontman Austin Dickinson (who happens to be the son of Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson) and he spoke all about Rise to Remain’s debut record, playing New York for the first time

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