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Metallica Unveil ‘Quebec Magnetic’ Footage of ‘Master of Puppets’ Performance

YouTube: Metallica Metallica fans are a devoted bunch and you get to see their passion for the band in full effect in the newly posted video of ‘Master of Puppets’ that’s part of the upcoming ‘ Quebec Magnetic ‘ DVD. The group deliver a blistering performance musically, but James Hetfield , perhaps encouraged by the audience response, lets the crowd fill in some of the vocal parts on ‘Master of Puppets’ while he and the band let loose with their furious playing. The song is definitely a highlight of the forthcoming release. Metallica headed to Quebec City in the fall of 2009 as part of their ‘World Magnetic Tour’ and the shows were filmed for the forthcoming DVD/Blu-Ray offering, ‘Quebec Magnetic,’ which will be in stores Dec. 10. This will be the band’s first release via their new Blackened Recordings label. The group recently announced the launch of the label in coordination with the news that they had taken control of the masters of their past recordings, giving the band full access over how their music is used going forward. Part of having control means the band can offer their concert film at the reasonable price of $15.98 for either the DVD or Blu-Ray format. Fans were allowed to vote on the set list, and the home video will include 18 songs from the concert, plus an additional eight “bonus songs.” ‘Quebec Magnetic’ can be pre-ordered here . Watch Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets”Quebec Magnetic’ Performance [button href=”” title=”Next: Watch Metallica’s ‘The Day That Never Comes’ Live from Quebec” align=”center”] ?

Metallica Rock as Replacements for 2012 Voodoo Festival

YouTube Metallica did not expect to be spending time in New Orleans in late October, but the band shook off any rust that might have accumulated in the last couple of months to deliver a blistering set Saturday night (Oct. 27) for the Voodoo Arts + Music Experience. The band, who signed on only after Green Day had to bow out of headliners, had a couple of weeks to prepare, and they delivered an 18-song set that did not disappoint. The group opened the show with the older favorites ‘Hit the Lights’ and ‘Master of Puppets,’ and also rocked through their standards of ‘Welcome Home (Sanitarium),’ ‘Fade to Black,’ ‘One,’ ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls,’ and ‘Enter Sandman.’ ‘Creeping Death,’ ‘Battery,’ and set closer ‘Seek and Destroy’ wrapped up a powerful performance. The set was one of few that fans will see in the coming months. The band has concluded their ‘Death Magnetic’ touring, and has been focusing their time on a 3D film before spending considerable studio time working on their next album. However, the group has announced several festival shows for 2013. For those who didn’t catch Saturday’s stream of the full performance , check out pro-shot video of the first three tracks from the set — ‘Hit the Lights,’ ‘Master of Puppets,’ and ‘Holier Than Thou’ — below. Watch Metallica’s ‘Hit the Lights’ From the Voodoo Festival Watch Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ From the Voodoo Festival Watch Metallica’s ‘Holier Than Thou’ From the Voodoo Festival Metallica 2012 Voodoo Festival Set List 1. ‘Hit the Lights’ 2. ‘Master of Puppets’ 3. ‘Holier Than Thou’ 4. ‘Harvester of Sorrow’ 5. ‘Of Wolf and Man’ 6. ‘Welcome Home (Sanitarium)’ 7. ‘All Nightmare Long’ 8. ‘Sad But True’ 9. ‘Fade to Black’ 10. ‘Orion’ 11. ‘One’ 12. ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ 13. ‘Blackened’ 14. ‘Nothing Else Matters’ 15. ‘Enter Sandman’ 16. ‘Creeping Death’ 17. ‘Battery’ 18. ‘Seek and Destroy’ [button href=”” title=”Next: 10 Best Metallica Songs” align=”center”]

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