Phil Anselmo Says Quotes About Zakk Wylde and Pantera Were ‘Taken Way Out of Context’

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire / Ethan Miller, Getty Images There have been several stories over the past year on the topic of  Zakk Wylde  filling in for the late Dimebag Darrell should Pantera ever decide to reunite for shows, but singer Phil Anselmo says comments he made to that effect were taken out of context. Anselmo tells , “That whole thing was taken way out of context. All that happened was Zakk and I spoke and what it was about was just a personal issue between he and I that was worked out quickly and easily. We were cozy as kittens after that and we just shot the sh-t. Honestly, the whole Pantera thing did not come up at all. Whoever interviewed me and I f—in’ forget the whole thing but it was taken out of context because we didn’t even talk about Pantera reuniting or anything like that. Matter of fact we talked about relations and mutual friends and just honestly everybody getting along and that’s really all we talked about.” Anselmo was quoted by the Village Voice as saying , “I talked to Zakk about two weeks ago, and he’s very open for it. He’s got an open mind about it. But, truth be told, Vince has got a grudge against me that is really unfounded. And, honestly, I’ve always had a wide-open door when it comes to Vince. If it takes me standin’ there and lettin’ that little guy punch me in the f—in’ face repeatedly, over and over and over, til his hands were tired of hittin’ my rock-hard f—in’ head, as long as we could sit down and talk afterwards, I’m all for it, man.” Earlier this year, drummer Vinnie Paul also stated that should a reunion ever happen, Wylde would be the choice to fill in for his late brother Dimebag. But Vinnie Paul also stressed that he felt it was best to leave the band’s legacy alone. [button href=”” title=”Next: Pantera – Top 21st Century Metal Songs” align=”center”]

Phil Anselmo Says Quotes About Zakk Wylde and Pantera Were ‘Taken Way Out of Context’

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