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Phil Anselmo Talks Boxing With Rapper 50 Cent

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire / Rick Diamond, Getty Images As one of metal’s most aggressive vocalists in history, it’s no surprise to learn that Pantera / Down vocalist Philip Anselmo is a huge fan of boxing. Surely tracks such as ‘F—ing Hostile’ and ‘Mouth for War’ have inspired many fists to bust through walls, along with faces, so Boxing Insider welcomed Anselmo for an exclusive interview, but here’s the catch: Philip Anselmo was brought in to conduct an interview with yet another musician and boxing fan … rapper 50 Cent. In an hilarious piece of truth, Anselmo admitted to have no effing clue who 50 Cent was, but penned kind words about the rapper. “Call me morbid, call me pale, call me a victim of pugilistic dementia, but I must say, speaking to this man was an interesting experience,” writes Anselmo. “I was beyond impressed with his smarts, his sense of humor, his accomplishments and his future plans.” Although not one to follow the hip-hop game, Anselmo’s interviewing skills were spot-on: Anselmo : “Do you see any parallels between music and boxing on a business level?” 50 Cent : “Well yes. In the past the majority of the record companies were run continuously. Artists would come up and be really exciting at certain points and eventually go through that cycle of entertainment. Then, they (record companies) built entertainment to destroy them (the artists) for the sake of entertainment. And as you go up, and keep going up in an artist’s career, there’s no place to go but down shortly thereafter. And if you look at some of those older artists that are so talented, then ask yourself, ‘What happened to them?’ or ‘Why aren’t they still recording?’ or ‘Why aren’t they still exciting to the general public?’, it’s because the public follows that system. The shadow of doubt is cast over artists and music culture at different points. You have to be independent in order to work things out through that shadow. Because it’s this system that decides who is relevant, and companies have to see if they’re gonna continue to market and promote the actual projects anymore. And it’s the same with fighters; they’ll grow up and they’ll see some excitement around them and they’re having their moment, but in boxing if there is no opponent, the general public will make one for you. If a guy happens to be a shining star in his weight class, there’ll be another fighter that may have a great performance in the same division, so that guy will be perceived as the guy that can beat the shining star. And the public and press will make the challenger as relevant as you, because the star fighter needs to fight! And like music culture is to boxing, you’re only as exciting as your last hit record, or in boxing/music terms, your last performance or fight.” Check out Philip Anselmo’s full interview with 50 Cent at Boxing Insider. [button href=”″ title=”Down – 10 Best Metal Albums of 2012″ align=”center”]

Daily Reload: Black Sabbath, Trent Reznor, Pantera + More

Kevin Winter, Getty Images Here’s a look at the top stories of the day on Loudwire and around the Web: – Black Sabbath are progressing a new album, as Ozzy Osbourne & company are holed up in a Malibu recording studio. Find out the new details here: [ Loudwire ] – Nine Inch Nails leader Trent Reznor has revealed his involvement as a consultant for the Beats by Dre headphone company and announced that it’s led to “a number of very interesting projects.” [ Loudwire ] – Former Pantera singer Philip Anselmo says that quotes he made about Zakk Wylde taking part in a reunion of the band have been taken out of context. [ Loudwire ] – Ever wonder where the dark and rather spooky lyrics for Metallica ‘s ‘Enter Sandman’ came from? Get the story here. [ Ultimate Metallica ] – Kiss open up about making the ‘Monster’ album, their current lineup, the Kiss Kruise, and their thoughts on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. [ Ultimate Classic Rock ] – Smashing Pumpkins singer Billy Corgan reveals that he contemplated suicide on multiple occasions. [ ] – Jane’s Addiction , Slash , and goth godfather Peter Murphy are among the top acts for the inaugural UR1 festival. [ Rock Music Report ]

Phil Anselmo Says Quotes About Zakk Wylde and Pantera Were ‘Taken Way Out of Context’

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire / Ethan Miller, Getty Images There have been several stories over the past year on the topic of  Zakk Wylde  filling in for the late Dimebag Darrell should Pantera ever decide to reunite for shows, but singer Phil Anselmo says comments he made to that effect were taken out of context. Anselmo tells , “That whole thing was taken way out of context. All that happened was Zakk and I spoke and what it was about was just a personal issue between he and I that was worked out quickly and easily. We were cozy as kittens after that and we just shot the sh-t. Honestly, the whole Pantera thing did not come up at all. Whoever interviewed me and I f—in’ forget the whole thing but it was taken out of context because we didn’t even talk about Pantera reuniting or anything like that. Matter of fact we talked about relations and mutual friends and just honestly everybody getting along and that’s really all we talked about.” Anselmo was quoted by the Village Voice as saying , “I talked to Zakk about two weeks ago, and he’s very open for it. He’s got an open mind about it. But, truth be told, Vince has got a grudge against me that is really unfounded. And, honestly, I’ve always had a wide-open door when it comes to Vince. If it takes me standin’ there and lettin’ that little guy punch me in the f—in’ face repeatedly, over and over and over, til his hands were tired of hittin’ my rock-hard f—in’ head, as long as we could sit down and talk afterwards, I’m all for it, man.” Earlier this year, drummer Vinnie Paul also stated that should a reunion ever happen, Wylde would be the choice to fill in for his late brother Dimebag. But Vinnie Paul also stressed that he felt it was best to leave the band’s legacy alone. [button href=”” title=”Next: Pantera – Top 21st Century Metal Songs” align=”center”]

Down Make Theatrical Fright Film With ‘Witchtripper’ Video

YouTube Down ‘s video for ‘Witchtripper’ is more like an old school, black & white, occult horror movie than it is a music video. You know what that means? It’s much more fun than your average metal video. The clip opens with a coven of cloaked ladies aka witches tossing eyeballs and other items like chicken feet into a cauldron and then burying nooses, hands and more in the sand. We’re not sure what they are doing or why, and it’s probably best not to ask. It’s intriguing nonetheless and we couldn’t look away. Overall, the video has a bit of a ‘Night of the Living Dead’ vibe with the grainy way it’s filmed. The fact that a muscular metal song provides the sound, as opposed to dialogue, makes it that much more ominous. But it also has a bit of camp to it, too. The Down boys are having fun while paying homage to a genre they clearly love. Several occult symbols, like pentagrams, are featured, throughout, too. The entire band factors into the plot, with frontman Philip Anselmo as Magus, wearing eyeliner and a wig. We can’t do it justice, especially if you a horror buff (like Anselmo is) with an eye for detail. Just watch it and come up with your own conclusions about the plot and the nefarious goings on! ‘Witchtripper’ appears on the just-released ‘Down IV, Part 1 – The Purple EP.’ You can read our review of the EP here . Watch Down’s ‘Witchtripper’ Video [via Fuse] [button href=”” title=”Next: Down Perform With Ex-Bassist Rex Brown in Dallas” align=”center”]

Philip Anselmo Inks Book Deal to Share His Personal Travails in Music

Former Pantera singer Philip Anselmo has certainly lived a colorful life, and now it looks as though readers will get a chance to thumb through the details of his music, his friendships, and his addictions in all their glory as the vocalist just inked a book deal for his autobiography. MetalSucks reports that Anselmo has teamed up with crime author and blogger Corey Mitchell to tell his story, while Gallery/Simon

10 Best Pantera Songs

Choosing the 10 best Pantera songs is no easy feat, since there are so many good ones, full of power grooves that incite moshpits; resonant rhythms that could rattle your teeth loose from your gums; and drill sergeant vocals. Those were the sonic hallmarks of Pantera , without question one of the most important metal bands of the '90s and of the genre overall. The Texas quartet fused equal parts chest-puffing brawn and bravado, but make no mistake: Philip Anselmo, Dimebag Darrell, Vinnie Paul and Rex Brown infused the testosterone-driven mix with pure heart. Metal fans banged their heads furiously until their necks ached, thanks to those pummeling power grooves and Anselmo's militaristic delivery. But Pantera's music made you think at the same time. Their catalog is littered with some of the most memorable riffs of all time, and lyrical declarations that have been tattooed on bodies and were screamed back at them at live shows. So without further adieu, here is our list of the 10 best songs by Pantera:

Warbeast Join Down’s Fall 2012 Tour

Warbeast are getting quite chummy with their Housecore Records boss Philip Anselmo. A few weeks back, Anselmo revealed that he would put a couple of solo songs out there to be issued as split releases with Warbeast ahead of his own debut solo effort next year. Now comes word that Warbeast will join his band Down on tour this fall. ? The thrash metal outfit will hop on the tour