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Motley Crue’s Vince Neil: ‘My Voice After All These Years Is Probably the Best It’s Ever Been’

Mary Ouellette, In a comment that just begs for discussion, Motley Crue singer Vince Neil states in a recent interview that his voice is “probably” better than it’s ever been in his career. At age 51, it’s not easy for anyone to keep their voice sounding crisp, or to keep a positive relationship with your bandmates after over 30 years (especially if your band happens to be Motley Crue) but Neil claims that both are still great. First, Neil spoke to about his broken foot and how it affects his stage performances. “It’s still broke!,” Neil exclaims. “It broke in two spots, but it broke to where you can’t cast it, so I have to wear a boot. But the boot that the doctors gave me keeps it pretty steady, so onstage I can get around. But I’m mostly hopping — well, not hopping, but it’s a big boot so it’s a little awkward. But I didn’t have to cancel any shows or anything, so it’s all good. It’s going to take three to six months to heal, they said.” Speaking on his current relationship with his Motley Crue bandmates, which has been famously complicated over the years, Neil says, “Our relationship’s great. No, we have a great time. On the road, they have the families out, so it’s a different thing. We travel separately because Tommy [Lee] will have his kids out, and Nikki [Sixx] will have his kids, and stuff like that.” Finally, Vince Neil speaks about the current quality of his singing voice. “My voice after all these years is probably the best it’s ever been. And I find that if I take a bunch of time off, it’s harder to kind of get that muscle going again. It’s like after you have a day off, the next day it’s a little tougher to sing some notes than if you had three shows in a row and it’s the third day. It’s just like working out — the more you use it, the stronger it gets.” We’ve got a question for anyone who has recently seen Crue live; does Vince Neil’s voice sound better than ever? Let us know in the comments section below.

Metallica’s James Hetfield Gets Silly-Stringed and Pied for Birthday Celebration

Metallica had a great time recently in Mexico City, and nowhere is that more evident than in the latest video the band has posted online from their adventures south of the border. The latest video compilation from the band begins with a meet-and-greet with some of their fans in which Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo get to hear exactly how much the music means from some of their fans. The

Daily Reload: Korn, Rob Zombie + More

Today on your Daily Reload, it’s a great time for festival goers.  Korn are now co-headlining with Godsmack aboard the ShipRocked 2012 cruise in late November. Meanwhile, Rob Zombie and Godsmack are leading the way for the Rock Vegas two-day festival taking place Sept. 28 and 29 at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay. They’ll be playing alongside Shinedown, Marilyn Manson, Staind and a host of other great acts. Also today, we

Trivium’s Matt Heafy on Trespass America Tour, Growing Up In the Public Eye + More

Trivium frontman Matt Heafy was the guest on Full Metal Jackie’s radio show this past weekend. Heafy spoke all about touring with Five Finger Death Punch and Killswitch Engage on the Trespass America Festival this summer, joining Trivium at the age of 12 and much more. If you missed Full Metal Jackie’s show, check out her interview with Matt Heafy below: We had a great time at the press conference in

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