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Soundgarden Celebrate Release of ‘King Animal’ With Sold-Out Show in New York City

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire A little more than a year ago, Soundgarden played a show at a venue just outside of New York City that has a capacity of well over 15,000, but for the release of their latest album, ‘ King Animal ,’ the band decided to get a little more intimate. As part of a string of small-venue shows , Soundgarden celebrated the release of ‘King Animal’ at New York City’s Irving Plaza with a sold-out crowd of just over 1,000 screaming fans on Nov. 13. Taking the stage a few minutes after 9 PM, Soundgarden tore into a jamming rendition of ‘Incessant Mace.’ In a set that lasted nearly two and a half hours, the band played songs like 1989′s ‘Gun’ and the Grammy Award-winning ‘Spoonman’ that were sure to please long-time Soundgarden fans. Throughout the night, the band also played several new tracks like ‘Non-State Actor,’ ‘Eyelid’s Mouth’ and their latest single, ‘Been Away Too Long.’ Song after song, Soundgarden rocked Irving Plaza with no signs of slowing down. Only addressing the crowd a handful of times, frontman Chris Cornell was more worried with delivering a memorable performance than chit-chatting with fans. During his first break, Cornell explained to the crowd that this was not just a concert, but it was “kind of a record release party.” During another break, he poured his heart out to the fans and thanked them for allowing Soundgarden to get back together and create new music. The band sounded just as tight as they ever did in the 1990s. From guitarist Kim Thayil’s face-melting shredding to bassist Ben Shepherd’s insane finger-picking, to drummer Matt Cameron’s ferocious style, Soundgarden took every single note they played extremely seriously. This was even more apparent with Cornell’s intense and methodical focus on his beautiful lyrics and dynamic vocals. Albums like ‘King Animal’ and live shows like the gig at Irving Plaza – not to mention their appearance on CBS’ ‘ Live on Letterman ‘ – don’t come around very often. If this is what happens when you take a 16-year-long break, perhaps more bands should follow Soundgarden’s lead. Soundgarden Nov. 13 Set List: ‘Incessant Mace’ ‘Gun’ ‘Jesus Christ Pose’ ‘By Crooked Steps’ ‘Outshined’ ‘Room A Thousand Years Wide’ ‘Spoonman’ ‘Taree’ ‘Been Away Too Long’ ‘Worse Dreams’ ‘My Wave’ ‘Ugly Truth’ ‘Fell On Black Days’ ‘Hunted Down’ ‘Drawing Flies’ ‘Non-State Actor’ ‘Black Saturday’ ‘Blow Up the Outside World’ ‘Eyelid’s Mouth’ ‘Blood on the Valley Floor’ ‘Rowing’ Encore: ‘Slaves and Bulldozers’ Second Encore: ‘Rusty Cage’ Check Out Photos of Soundgarden Performing at Irving Plaza in New York City Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire

Chris Cornell’s Message for Billy Corgan: ‘Tell Him He Owes Me My $40,000 Back’

Jim Dyson/Matt Roberts, Getty Images Smashing Pumpkins visionary Billy Corgan does not have much of a filter when it comes to speaking his mind. The most recent example of this was his personal commentary on the Soundgarden reunion and the impetus behind it, saying, “They’re just out there to have one more round at the till; same with Pavement and these other bands.” When asked about the incendiary comments on the Area 93.3 radio channel back in August, Corgan went into detail explaining that there was more to the story than he had at first let on. He admitted that it was more of a reactionary comment based on “harsh words” delivered by his one-time close friend and Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell regarding the 2007 reunion of Smashing Pumpkins. Cornell had gone on record to say that he didn’t find the reunion to be “legitimate,” and Corgan took that very personally comparing it to “somebody punching me in the face.” So for those still following along, Corgan called out Soundgarden for cashing in on their recent reunion partly because Cornell had cast a shadow of a doubt on the Pumpkins reunion a few years ago. Now, in a new interview with ABC News Radio , Cornell had a chance to respond to the blow-for-blow exchange. Cornell summed it up succinctly saying Corgan should be thanking him, not bashing him. “When Billy Corgan was completely broke, I got him a movie deal with director Cameron Crowe where he made $40,000,” Cornell explains. “He was very happy about that, and he was specifically happy about the $40,000.” But that wasn’t all. Cornell offered this parting jab, “So next time you see him, tell him he owes me my $40,000 back.” While it’s probably not likely that Corgan will be writing a thank-you check to Cornell any time soon, we have a sneaking suspicion we have not heard the last of this story just yet. [button href=”” title=”Soundgarden Rock ‘Live on Letterman’ Gig at New York’s Ed Sullivan Theater” align=”center”]

Soundgarden Perform Surprise Set During Chris Cornell’s Hurricane Sandy Benefit Show

Antonio Marino Jr., With their new disc ‘King Animal’ out today (Nov. 13), Soundgarden gave New York one heck of a preview yesterday. They kicked the day off with a special performance for ‘Live on Letterman’ that was streamed via a live webcast allowing fans around the word to tune in. Performing a 10-song set, the band focused on their new music showcasing several tracks from ‘King Animal’ but also played some of their classic tunes as well like ‘Fell on Black Days’ and ‘Incessant Mace.’ Check out our recap and whole archived show here . After ‘Live on Letterman,’ Cornell set his sights on helping out those impacted by Hurricane Sandy with a benefit show at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC. Although the show was billed as a solo acoustic show, some fans must have held out hope that the rest of the band would join Cornell onstage at some point in the night, and during the evening, that wish came true. According to Brooklyn Vegan , the rest of the band assisted Cornell with six Soundgarden songs: ‘Fell On Black Days,’ ‘Black Saturday,’ ‘Blow Up the Outside World,’ ‘Halfway There,’ ‘Black Hole Sun,’ and ‘Outshined.’ Fan-filmed footage of ‘Black Saturday’ can be seen below in addition to Chris Cornell’s solo performance of ‘Hunger Strike.’ Soundgarden aren’t finished with New York yet, as tonight the band will play a headlining show at Irving Plaza. The concert is one of three 2012 club gigs that were announced before the band unveiled their 2013 touring plans . Fan-Filmed Footage of Chris Cornell’s Hurricane Sandy Benefit Show on Nov. 12 [button href=”” title=”Soundgarden, ‘King Animal’ – Album Review” align=”center”]

Chris Cornell to Perform Hurricane Sandy Benefit Concert in New York City

Mary Ouellette, Hurricane Sandy has taken monstrous toll on those affected by the massive storm. Much of the U.S. East Coast was hit by Sandy, with perhaps New York and New Jersey gaining the most media attention following the storm’s destruction. An inspirational amount of charity work has been done to help those in need, with Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell being the latest to step up and help. The singer-guitarist has announced plans to play a benefit concert on Monday, Nov. 12, in New York City to raise money for the victims of the disastrous hurricane. Hurricane Sandy destroyed homes, left families without power for well over a week, flooded subway tunnels, completely halted the delivery of gasoline, but most importantly, left dozens of people dead. Chris Cornell will be in New York City with Soundgarden on Nov. 12 to perform on the ‘ Live on Letterman ‘ concert webcast series, but to make the very most out of his visit, Cornell will venture from the ‘Letterman’ stage straight to Bowery Ballroom for the benefit show. All the proceeds from Chris Cornell’s solo benefit will be put towards The Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, which directly helps those hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy. Soundgarden will also be performing the next night (Nov. 13) at Irving Plaza in New York City to celebrate that day’s release of ‘King Animal.’ The album is Soundgarden’s first full-length studio disc since the 1996 release ‘Down on the Upside.’ For tickets to Chris Cornell’s solo Hurricane Sandy benefit show, click here . Also, to learn more about The Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, click here . [button href=”” title=”Listen to Soundgarden’s ‘King Animal’ in Full” align=”center”]

Soundgarden Leave Nostalgia Behind for ‘King Animal’ Album

Mark Metcalfe, Getty Images When Soundgarden got back together, they started by touring and playing the old hits and getting back in the habit of performing their music again. But now, a couple of years later, the group is preparing to move forward in their career with their first full original studio album since 1996, and frontman  Chris Cornell says that they’re looking forward and evolving with their next record. Cornell tells Spin , “We don’t feel nostalgia trying to remember who played what parts on a song that we recorded in 1988. It doesn’t feel like looking at baby pictures of me. It’s nice that we have fans that were fans in 1988. That’s great, but that’s not enough for us. And I would’ve never expected that to be enough.” Earlier this year, one of Cornell’s contemporaries, Smashing Pumpkins vocalist Billy Corgan , called out the group for cashing in on a reunion, stating, “When Soundgarden came back and they just played their old songs, great. I was a fan of Soundgarden, but call it for what it is. They’re just out there to have one more round at the till.” Corgan would add that it’s important for bands to make music for the present rather than relying on their past, and Soundgarden are definitely of the same mindset by moving forward with their new record. Though not addressing Corgan’s comments specifically, Cornell says, “If we’re writing and recording new and vital music, it’s taking care of itself. I definitely feel like there’s a place for who we are and what we do. We’re doing what we’ve always done as a band and we’re fortunate enough to have a long enough history that someone could actually suggest that we’re a nostalgia act. Good for us.” If anything, Soundgarden may actually be coming from a creative space where many new bands come from, as the group has been away long enough that all of the label entanglements and outside pressures that weighed on them at the height of their fame have fallen by the wayside. The singer adds, “We’re writing and recording an album ourselves. We do everything, from choosing producers to picking packaging, until it’s done. Then we find a label to put it out on [Universal Republic], and communication’s what it used to be. It’s almost like it was in the beginning of the band.” Soundgarden returns with their ‘ King Animal ‘ album Nov. 13. [button href=”” title=”Next: Listen to Soundgarden’s Song ‘Non-State Actor'” align=”center”]

Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell and Wife Sued by Former Housekeeper

Roger Kisby, Getty Images Soundgarden  frontman  Chris Cornell  and his wife Vicky have been sued by their former maid, who claims she was overworked and underpaid. According to TMZ , the couple hired Elia Mora to clean their house in 2006 and she stayed on until December 2011. Mora says that last year, on the day after Christmas, she declined to return to the couple’s home to do additional cleaning after finishing up her shift. This apparently didn’t sit well with Mrs. Cornell, whom Mora claims responded by screaming a series of insults. Apparently, the conversation ended with Mora out of a job, and now she’s taking the Cornells to court. Mora’s lawsuit claims she was forced to work 43 hours a week without overtime, and was never given uninterrupted lunches or breaks. According to TMZ, neither of the Cornells have commented publicly yet, and the report doesn’t mention specific damages Mora is seeking. In the meantime, Soundgarden are getting ready to release its sixth studio album (and first in 16 years), ‘King Animal,’ due on Nov. 13. The first single, ‘Been Away Too Long,’ was unleashed last week. [button href=”” title=”Listen to Soundgarden’s ‘Been Away Too Long'” align=”center”]

Chris Cornell on New Soundgarden Single ‘Been Away Too Long’: ‘It’s About Time’

Roger Kisby, Getty Images Yesterday (Sept. 27), we gave you a stream of the new Soundgarden single, ‘Been Away Too Long’ — and celebrated the band’s return to rocking after their extended absence. But what does Chris Cornell think of the song? In a new interview with San Francisco’s Live 105  [via Grunge Report ], Cornell delved into the writing process behind the song, saying it came to him a couple of years ago during a bout of insomnia. “I was sitting around and one night having trouble sleeping. I was thinking of new Soundgarden songs and the music in my head was some sort of uptempo kind of Soundgarden version of a punk rock song, but not ‘Been Away Too Long,’” he explained. “And that line sort of flashed across as I was just kind of listening to what I call brain radio, and I thought wow, that would be a great new Soundgarden song. Then I forgot it, completely.” After explaining that the music was recorded separately as “something else I had written,” Cornell revealed that the lyrics finally came to him during yet another restless night. “Towards the end when we were almost to mixing and we were finished with the album, I was having trouble sleeping one night and I remembered that line and thought, this would be really great for a first Soundgarden single,” he recalled. “But as I started to write the lyrics, then it became more autobiographical, and it became real.” Calling the end result “a look back at history in sort of a strange atmospheric way,” Cornell called the song’s lyrical narrative a way of saying, “We’ve been gone for 15 years and now we’re back. It’s about time, and we still have something to say about rock music that no one else is saying — and I feel confident about saying that.” [button href=”” title=”Listen to Soundgarden’s ‘Been Away Too Long'” align=”center”]

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