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VENOM To Release New Album In January

VENOM , the hugely influential British heavy metal trio, widely revered for driving and shaping many aspects of the music industry, including black and thrash metal as well as for their instinctive blending of metallic power and punk spirit, have confirmed the release of their new studio album, From the Very Depths . It will be released January 27 via Spinefarm Records.

Mind Pulp-Mind Pulp

Self-Release/Independent 2013 A little while back I was commenting on how there are just too many new Ohio rock and metal bands to for me to stay up to date on all of them. That was when I was struggling to come up with words for The Unclean’s latest release. I’m not having that problem with the five-piece band Mind Pulp. If anything it is just that without another Ohio band (Black Valor who I have reviewed in the past as well) chances are I might not have heard of these guys. That just goes to show you that in any given area there will always be a new band left to be discovered. You just might have to either look harder or, in the case of Mind Pulp, just get lucky. Originally hailing from New Philadelphia, Ohio (yeah, I didn’t know there was a metal scene there either folks) it looks as if they’re calling Canton home these days. Even though it is the birthplace of Marilyn Manson I’m not going to hold that against these guys! Granted, Canton would seem to be more of a fit for the band anyway as their sound and style, which is reportedly influenced by the likes of Korn, Static X,? Machine Head and Mudvayne, has a real urban grit to it. Mind Pulp was formed back in 2011 and, from the very start, the band’s main focus was “to create a style of music that could be embraced by everyone no matter what their taste in music was”. I’m not sure that’s going to work so well for Mind Pulp unless your average listener’s personal tastes includes the word “heavy”. More then anything that is what Mind Pulp has going for them on this 9-track release. It should be noted that while there are 9 tracks here it’s just 30 minutes in length. So it does run more like an EP. It’s not like Mind Pulp doesn’t make the most of that short time though. “El Diablo”, “Tell Me Why” and “Blood Clot” (all three of which you can be heard on the band’s Reverbnation page) offer solid metal in the vein of both Korn and Machine Head. Their Reverbnation page also features a sweet cover of Prong’s “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck” so I’d wager that some of Prong’s heaviness has rubbed off on Mind Pulp. Of course there’s also some of Pantera’s heaviness to be found in Matt Pettit’s bass playing so you can kind of see where I’m going when I mention that Mind Pulp as that bottom-end crunch factor in their sound. As for the other four musicians there are no slouches among this bunch. Doug Wright and Nick Bonner easily handle the guitars and, on a track like the relentless “Relapse”, the solos speak volumes about the talent level of Mind Pulp.Vocalist Chad Heck and drummer Brent Mathiasas round things out and both do a pretty smashing job with things through and through. The only (minor) complaint to be found of this self-titled release is that when Chad Heck sings clean (I’m assuming he sings both clean and rough vocals) it doesn’t have quite the impact of the much more “metal” vocals. And Mind Pulp is very much a metal band as a cut like “Evil Intentions” will attest to. Sometimes when one guy tries to handle both ends of the vocal spectrum it doesn’t work so well. Vocalist Chad Heck has the rough vocals nailed down, but his clean singing could use a little tweaking. I do have to wonder though if it’s just the mix of this release that’s out of whack? Maybe he comes across better in concert? That could very well be the case as Mind Pulp has one of those sounds that must be killer to hear live. Have you ever listened to an album like that and thought to yourself? “I bet this band is heavier then hell and loud as f**k live!”? Considering how well things chug along on this disc I’m willing to wager that the real fun would be found in seeing Mind Pulp live and in living color. While checking out Mind Pulp’s Facebook page I noticed that it has pictures from their past gigs (and some “interesting” ones at that) so it looks as if a live setting might just be as good as, if not better, then this studio-release. Of course, judging by some of those live pictures posted on their Facebook page, it’s also got to be some kind of unique experience seeing them live and Lord knows I wouldn’t mind some of those “experiences” right about now!? Back to the disc we must go and, in addition to the numerous bands mentioned above, I picked up on both Dope and White Zombie so the influences are quite varied. This release would be the perfect pick me up for those who like alternative and nu metal, but straight-ahead metal heads will be able to enjoy this one as well. Should you find yourself in need of something HEAVY (and that falls within the bounds of “metal”) be sure to give Mind Pulp a chance. You might just find yourself with another fave new band!

Soundgarden Celebrate Release of ‘King Animal’ With Sold-Out Show in New York City

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire A little more than a year ago, Soundgarden played a show at a venue just outside of New York City that has a capacity of well over 15,000, but for the release of their latest album, ‘ King Animal ,’ the band decided to get a little more intimate. As part of a string of small-venue shows , Soundgarden celebrated the release of ‘King Animal’ at New York City’s Irving Plaza with a sold-out crowd of just over 1,000 screaming fans on Nov. 13. Taking the stage a few minutes after 9 PM, Soundgarden tore into a jamming rendition of ‘Incessant Mace.’ In a set that lasted nearly two and a half hours, the band played songs like 1989′s ‘Gun’ and the Grammy Award-winning ‘Spoonman’ that were sure to please long-time Soundgarden fans. Throughout the night, the band also played several new tracks like ‘Non-State Actor,’ ‘Eyelid’s Mouth’ and their latest single, ‘Been Away Too Long.’ Song after song, Soundgarden rocked Irving Plaza with no signs of slowing down. Only addressing the crowd a handful of times, frontman Chris Cornell was more worried with delivering a memorable performance than chit-chatting with fans. During his first break, Cornell explained to the crowd that this was not just a concert, but it was “kind of a record release party.” During another break, he poured his heart out to the fans and thanked them for allowing Soundgarden to get back together and create new music. The band sounded just as tight as they ever did in the 1990s. From guitarist Kim Thayil’s face-melting shredding to bassist Ben Shepherd’s insane finger-picking, to drummer Matt Cameron’s ferocious style, Soundgarden took every single note they played extremely seriously. This was even more apparent with Cornell’s intense and methodical focus on his beautiful lyrics and dynamic vocals. Albums like ‘King Animal’ and live shows like the gig at Irving Plaza – not to mention their appearance on CBS’ ‘ Live on Letterman ‘ – don’t come around very often. If this is what happens when you take a 16-year-long break, perhaps more bands should follow Soundgarden’s lead. Soundgarden Nov. 13 Set List: ‘Incessant Mace’ ‘Gun’ ‘Jesus Christ Pose’ ‘By Crooked Steps’ ‘Outshined’ ‘Room A Thousand Years Wide’ ‘Spoonman’ ‘Taree’ ‘Been Away Too Long’ ‘Worse Dreams’ ‘My Wave’ ‘Ugly Truth’ ‘Fell On Black Days’ ‘Hunted Down’ ‘Drawing Flies’ ‘Non-State Actor’ ‘Black Saturday’ ‘Blow Up the Outside World’ ‘Eyelid’s Mouth’ ‘Blood on the Valley Floor’ ‘Rowing’ Encore: ‘Slaves and Bulldozers’ Second Encore: ‘Rusty Cage’ Check Out Photos of Soundgarden Performing at Irving Plaza in New York City Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Liz Ramanand, Loudwire

Metallica Invite Fans To Pick Main Setlist for Upcoming Concert DVD / Blu-Ray Release

Ethan Miller, Getty Images As Metallica fans are anxiously awaiting the 3D debut of their favorite band on the big screen, they will get an early surprise to keep their interests piqued: a DVD/Blu-Ray release of a two-night residency in Quebec City filmed in 2009 during Metallica’s ‘World Magnetic Tour.’ Not only will fans get footage from Metallica’s most recent worldwide tour, but they also get to pick which night of the two-night stay is featured as the main setlist on the release. The release will include both setlists, but only one will be featured as the main set, while the other will be included in the additional bonus features on the disc. Fans can vote for their favorite set at . Voting will be closed Monday, Sept. 24, at 9AM PT. The setlist with the most votes will be the main feature of the release. The concert release is directed by Wayne Isham, the filmmaker responsible for music videos like ‘Enter Sandman’ and ‘I Disappear,’ as well as the video release of ‘S&M,’ among other Metallica projects. See the setlists below and make sure to cast your vote at ! Metallica ‘World Magnetic Tour’ – Quebec City – Setlist #1 ‘That Was Just Your Life’ ‘The End of the Line’ ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ ‘Holier Than Thou’ ‘One’ ‘Broken, Beat & Scarred’ ‘Cyanide’ ‘Sad But True’ ‘Turn the Page’ ‘All Nightmare Long’ ‘The Day That Never Comes’ ‘Master of Puppets’ ‘Damage, Inc.’ ‘Nothing Else Matters’ ‘Enter Sandman’ ‘Breadfan’ ‘Phantom Lord’ ‘Seek & Destroy’ Metallica ‘World Magnetic Tour’ – Quebec City – Setlist #2 ‘That Was Just Your Life’ ‘The End of the Line’ ‘The Four Horsemen’ ‘The Shortest Straw’ ‘One’ ‘Broken, Beat & Scarred’ ‘My Apocalypse’ ‘Sad But True’ ‘Welcome Home (Sanitarium)’ ‘The Judas Kiss’ ‘The Day That Never Comes’ ‘Master of Puppets’ ‘Battery’ ‘Nothing Else Matters’ ‘Enter Sandman’ ‘Killing Time’ ‘Whiplash’ ‘Seek & Destroy’

Top 10 Albums of 2002

Sean Gardner / Jonathan Wood / Karl Walter, Getty Images As cliche as it may sound, it seems unbelievable that these 2002 landmark albums were released a decade ago. In a time when MTV was still playing music videos on heavy rotation, mainstream rock as well as underground metal had a very memorable year in 2002. Bands such as Queens of the Stone Age and Chevelle rocketed to worldwide notoriety, while various types of 'core' and progressive metal crowned some new heroes. Although 10 years have passed since the release of these albums, each one of them shares a timeless quality that to this day, allows these records to be constantly re-spun. Check out our list of the Top 10 Albums of 2002: ? 10 'Audioslave' Audioslave ? ? When it comes to rock 'supergroups,' few have been as successful as Audioslave were in the 2000s. Consisting of Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk of Rage Against the Machine along with Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, Audioslave's self-titled album is home to rock anthems like 'Cochise,' 'Show Me How to Live' and 'Like a Stone.' The band would release two more albums before breaking up in 2007. ? 9 'Perseverance' Hatebreed ? ? As the New Wave of American Metal swept through the 2000s, different types of 'core' began to gain a tremendous amount of attention. With the release of Hatebreed 's 'Perseverance,' they became one of the first truly heavy bands of the era to succeed on a major label [Universal]. As an essential piece of the New England metal scene, bands such as Killswitch Engage constantly praise Hatebreed for paving the way for modern metal acts and allowing others to succeed on major labels. Tracks such as 'Proven,' 'Call for Blood' and 'I Will Be Heard' allow for a unique catharsis, letting the listener “get the red out.” ? 8 'The Art of Balance' Shadows Fall ? ? In a quest to find the perfect balance between melody and aggression, Shadows Fall created 'The Art of Balance.' With tracks about yoga and meditation mixed in with negative points in life and thrashing aggression, the experiment worked, and 'The Art of Balance' received gleaming praise from critics and fans. Vocalist Brian Fair explains, “It's the idea of oneness and unity between all people and all things. It's the idea that all systems begin from the same spark and it's something we get further away from. We're all in this together.” ? 7 'Wonder Whats Next' Chevelle ? ? Chevelle released their breakthrough album 'Wonder What's Next' in 2002, and the disc went on to achieve platinum certification. The success of the album is largely due to Chevelle's signature track, 'The Red.' 'Wonder Whats Next' had a long and impressive ride after the its release, as the singles 'Send the Pain Below' and 'Closure' kept Chevelle going through a monumental period in the band's history. ? 6 'Alive or Just Breathing' Killswitch Engage ? ? Widely considered as pioneers of the 2000s metalcore explosion, Killswitch Engage released 'Alive or Just Breathing' to mass acclaim. It was the last album featuring original vocalist Jesse Leach, who returned to Killswitch in 2012 after a decade-long tenure elsewhere. The highly addictive album consists of fan favorites 'My Last Serenade' and 'Fixation on the Darkness,' among others. ? 5 'Oceanic' Isis ? ? Crushing, gorgeous, stunning, sludgy, mesmerizing … 'Oceanic.' New England post-metal band Isis delivered a true gem with the release of 'Oceanic.' Their sophomore effort is a conceptual masterpiece, which revolves around the themes of water, romance, incest and suicide. 'Oceanic' feels like it hasn't aged a bit in it's 10-year existence, with old and new fans continuing to immerse themselves in Isis' isolating depths, even if there is no land in sight. ? 4 'By the Way' Red Hot Chili Peppers ? ? With 'Californication' achieving phenomenal success, Red Hot Chili Peppers needed another incredible album to keep the momentum going. With the song 'Can't Stop' being a perfect manifesto to define RHCP, their 'By the Way' album carried the band into another monumentally high point in their existence. With the album's release, songs like 'By the Way' and 'The Zephyr Song' flooded the airwaves into the ears of joyful listeners. ? 3 'Deliverance' Opeth ? ? Opeth truly boast one of the most incredible discographies in metal music. With ironclad critical praise following their entire career, 'Deliverance' is one of 10 full-length milestones in the lifespan of Opeth. Although 'Deliverance' only consists of six tracks, the album clocks in at over an hour, with mastermind and frontman Mikael Akerfeldt brewing one of his best progressive death metal concoctions to date. ? 2 'Remission' Mastodon ? ? Mastodon 's debut album, 'Remission' proved to be the launching pad for an incredibly important and critically acclaimed band. Loosely based on the theme of fire, 'Remission' is an album with the power of an atomic bomb. The disc is home to a myriad of modern classics such as 'Crusher Destroyer,' 'Mother Puncher,' 'Where Strides the Behemoth' and 'March of the Fire Ants.' Simply put, 'Remission' is an album that redefines your perception of what humans can create. ? 1 'Songs for the Deaf' Queens of the Stone Age ? ? Queens of the Stone Age are a difficult band to nail down. Despite not fitting into any particular musical genre, 'Songs for the Deaf' exploded into the mainstream with an unexpected burst of originality and balls-out rock. The disc is thickly layered with addictive singles like 'No One Knows' and 'Go With the Flow,' combined with challenging and unrelenting barrages of guitar-driven tracks such as 'A Song for the Deaf.' For its overall originality, 'Songs for the Deaf' tops our list of the best 2002 albums. ? What's Your Favorite Album of 2002? Which of these 2002 albums is your favorite? Did we get the order right? Did we miss an album? If we didn't include your personal favorite, post it in the comments section below: ?

Flyleaf Bassist Pat Seals Talks Upcoming Album ‘New Horizons’ + More

Flyleaf are gearing up to release their third studio album, ‘New Horizons.’ The Texas-based outfit first got together in 2000, and their sincere music has taken the rock world by storm since releasing their debut album in 2005. On the new disc, expect a well-rounded collection of hard-edged songs about rebirth and renewal. With the release of the single ‘New Horizons‘ and the full album set to arrive this fall, Loudwire

Down Offer Advance Stream of New Release ‘Down IV Part I – The Purple EP’

Down will drop ‘Down IV Part I – The Purple EP,’ a six-song set, on Sept. 18, and in advance of the release they are offering a full stream via The band has made no secret of the fact that they plan to follow it with three more EPs, which begs the question. Why aren’t they releasing full albums? The answer is simple. It’s easier and more efficient to