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Randy Blythe Taking Break From Lamb of God

Looks like Lamb of God will have a longer than usual break between albums this time around, maybe even a permanent break. Randy Blythe has announced he is taking time off and won’t even think about Lamb of God for a long time. So what does this mean. For me personally, this sucks. I have […]

Randy Rhoads’ Family Files Lawsuit Over Coffee Table Book

Paul Natkin, Getty Images The family of late and legendary Ozzy Osbourne / Quiet Riot guitarist Randy Rhoads have taken legal action over a coffee table book titled ‘Randy Rhoads’ that has allegedly been published using unauthorized materials. According to a fresh press release, the family of Randy Rhoads entered into an agreement with producer Peter Margolis in 2007 to construct a documentary film on the life of Rhoads. Although the deal had been made, Margolis himself was not granted ownership of any ideas or materials that would be used for the documentary, including photos, videos and sound recordings. The Rhoads family is now accusing Margolis, along with book co-authors Andrew Klein and Steven Rosen and publishing company Velocity Publishing Group Inc. of using the unauthorized materials for the ‘Randy Rhoads’ coffee table book. Margolis and Klein were expected to work with Dakota Films for an official Randy Rhoads documentary, with Margolis reportedly promising the film would be completed within three years. Margolis had reportedly claimed, as of early 2012, that the film was completed, but family members who watched portions of the documentary claim it was “edited poorly and unprofessionally,” adding that the quality of the film was “abysmal.” Rhoads’ mother, Delores, and sisters Kathryn and Kelle, now claim that the ‘Randy Rhoads’ coffee table book, which was co-authored by Andrew Klein and rock writer Steven Rosen, contains more that 50 instances where unauthorized materials were used. The Randy Rhoads Estate has reacted by filing a lawsuit against Peter Margolis, Andrew Klein, Steven Rosen and Velocity Publishing Group Inc. The family claims the long process and alleged “betrayal” has been especially hard on Randy Rhoads’ mother, Delores, who is now in her 90s. “He was a saint … He was an angel, and too good for this world,” says Delores Rhoads. “His death’s always on my mind. Every year at the anniversary of his birth and death, fans from all over the world gather at his grave site to honor his passing. We will never forget him. His musical legacy lives on in the minds and music of his many fans.” Stay tuned for future updates on the legal proceedings as news breaks. [button href=”” title=”10 Randy Rhoads Videos That Rock” align=”center”]

Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe Receives Date for Czech Manslaughter Trial

Mary Ouellette, Two weeks ago, we reported that Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe was officially indicted on manslaughter charges in the Czech Republic. It is now being reported that Blythe will stand trial for the controversial charges on Feb. 4, 2013. Upon being indicted, the Prague 8 District Court had two decisions they could have made. The court had three months to either delay the trial in order to continue the collection of evidence, or set an official date. That decision has now been made and Blythe will begin legal proceedings on Feb. 4. “We have issued Randy Blythe with a court summons, and he is obliged to attend the hearing in person,” said court spokeswoman Martina Lhotáková  [ via Prague Post ]. “The trial will determine the culpability of Blythe and his potential punishment.” Blythe has stated that although he could easily hide out in the United States to avoid court proceedings, he will cooperate with the Czech legal system. The vocalist was jailed for over a month earlier this year on accusations of manslaughter after a fan died from head injuries supposedly sustained at a Lamb of God show in 2010. “I want my name cleared,” Blythe stated in a recent interview . “I have to go around the world and tour, you know? That’s what I do. I’m not going to hide here. I’m an innocent man. I’m going to go to court and see what happens.” According to Lhotáková, Blythe’s Czech trial is expected to last four days. Although the date has officially been set, the court still has the option of sending the case back to the prosecutor and police for further investigation. Stay tuned for more news as it breaks. [button href=”” title=”Next: Lamb of God’s Manager Responds to Randy Blythe’s Indictment” align=”center”]

Lamb of God Manager Responds to Randy Blythe’s Czech Republic Indictment

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Earlier today, news broke from the Czech Republic that Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe has been officially indicted for the charge of manslaughter. Now, an update has come from the Lamb of God camp, who have issued a statement on the case’s most recent development. This latest development begins a new chapter of Blythe’s controversial case, and the indictment means that the District Court of ‘Prague 8′ has three months to either set a trial date for Blythe, or postpone the decision for the sake of continuing the ongoing investigation. Lamb of God manager Larry Mazer has responded to the indictment with a new statement. Mazer states: After a three month investigation, the prosecutor in the Czech Republic has decided to move forward with an indictment of Randy Blythe on the charge of manslaughter with intent to cause bodily harm. Obviously, we intend to fight vigorously against these charges as we feel that in no way did Randy intend to cause bodily harm on the young fan who subsequently died from injuries sustained at the show.  As he has stated previously, Randy intends to go to Prague to defend himself at trial. While it is a tragedy that a Lamb of God fan died following a performance by the group, in no way do I feel that Randy did anything improper that led to the young man’s injuries and subsequent death.  The price of a ticket to a show does not entitle audience members access to a band’s stage.  In the years since the murder on stage of Dimebag Darrell Abbott, performers of all genres have had to become more guarded while performing in response to the dangers presented by fans trying to become part of the performance.  We believe that Randy responded professionally to the numerous amount of fans rushing the stage that day, a number of them captured on videos that have been posted on the internet. We have testimony from the venue operator that acknowledges lax security and an improper barricade being used that evening. Numerous testimonies from fans also were contradictory as to the actions of the multiple fans that tried to access the stage. At this point, all that the band, myself, and our lawyers can do is to present a defense and try to convince the panel of judges who will hear the case that Randy is innocent of all charges and that his name and reputation need to be cleared and that he be permitted to carry on with his life and career always mindful that a fan passed away after a Lamb of God performance. Stay tuned for more on the Randy Blythe case as news breaks. [button href=”” title=”Randy Blythe Officially Indicted by Czech Republic for Manslaughter Charges” align=”center”]

Lamb of God Drummer Chris Adler Discusses ‘Resolution’ + Plans for the Band’s Next Album

Mary Ouellette, We recently published Part 1 of our interview with Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler, in which he went in-depth about frontman Randy Blythe’s incarceration in the Czech Republic this past summer and legal issues related to the incident. Now, in Part 2 of our interview, Adler discusses Lamb of God’s most recent disc ‘Resolution,’ as well as plans for the band’s next album. Lamb of God are currently on tour with In Flames, Hatebreed and Sylosis. Check out our review and photo gallery of NYC show here . The trek continues through a Dec. 16 show in Seattle. For ticket info, click here . Without further ado, here’s Part 2 of our interview with Lamb of God’s Chris Adler: After all the band went through this past summer, it must be a good feeling to get out and promote your latest album ‘Resolution’ again. I know it came out back in January, but can you take us back to the recording process of the disc and how it differed from past albums? Well, you’re right, it is very exciting to get out and tour. This [is] actually our first [full] U.S. tour since the album came out. We were supposed to be doing something this summer but obviously that got derailed a bit, so yeah we still have some work to do on [promoting] the record and we’re pretty excited about it. But going into the process, the biggest difference was our willingness to try different things. I think on previous albums, we’ve always had a specific kind of direction that we wanted to go in, like on ‘Sacrament’ we really wanted to embrace the songwriting and we weren’t afraid of studio ideas that the producer had … But when we did ‘Wrath,’ it went back to being a raw, aggressive, 100-miles-per-hour band. Our challenge coming into [‘Resolution’] was to somehow outdo ourselves and find a way for the band to evolve and go in different directions that we haven’t done before. Meanwhile, [we were] keeping note of the things that had worked well for us as a band — not just trying to replicate the hits or whatever but finding those interesting moments on the B-sides of those records that we could kind of explore further now that we’ve had done what we wanted to do as a metal band. So now, what can we do as far as pushing ourselves as songwriters and as a band? So, coming into it, that meant that ideas weren’t immediately popping out like they did before — like the orchestra and the opera singer on ‘King Me’ or Randy’s vocal delivery on some of the songs, letting him kind of sing instead of just scream. [We were] trying to find a more dynamic approach … in these songs to make them have more impact and build a more dynamic picture. Are there any songs in particular on ‘Resolution’ that you most enjoy playing live? I think that ‘The Undertow’ is probably one of my favorite ones to play live … When we started in the band in the ’90s, we were really influenced by a lot of the crossover bands, like S.O.D. and stuff like that. I think ‘The Undertow,’ while it’s certainly a technically proficient song, it encompasses of that idea of real strong punk rock energy mixed with the kind of speed metal proficiency, and that’s always been one of our favorite things to mix those two things up. So that’s a lot of fun to play live. Of course, ‘Desolation,’ the second track on the album that starts with the little drum solos, I may be a little biased but that’s a lot of fun for me to rock out to every night. And ‘Ghost Walking’ … has got an interesting little acoustic intro that kind of sets it apart … and has a really good groove to it. So, those are probably my three favorites right now. Randy has mentioned that he was inspired to write lyrics while he was in the Czech prison, and I was wondering if that will serve as motivation to hit the studio sooner than planned for the next album? It’s really going to depend. It’s like you said, Randy let us all know as well that he did some writing while he was there, and both Mark [Morton] and Willie [Adler], the guitar players, have let me know at different times that they’ve been working on a couple of different things, too. So I think that together, the elements are there for us when we do decide to go back in, at least a good starting point for us. But, this is all contingent on what happens in getting there. Obviously, we feel like Randy is innocent and justice will prevail. But we really don’t know what’s going to happen and the worst-case scenario there is that he’s locked up for 10 years. So, that would certainly put a damper on any studio or touring plans. But right now I think the focus is … to support this record [‘Resolution’], which we’re all very proud of, to get out and to do as much work as we can. The plan was originally to tour until the end of 2013 and to begin the writing process for another record in 2014. Assuming things go well with Randy, hopefully that plan plays out by the time we get there in 2014. With this process behind closed doors already starting, we’re going to have some good ammunition to get it going. [button href=”” title=”Part 1: Chris Adler Talks Randy Blythe, U.S. Tour + MOre” align=”center”]

Zakk Wylde Praises Randy Rhoads, Talks Black Sabbath + Recalls Funny Ozzy Osbourne Moment

Jo Hale, Getty Images Black Label Society  recently wrapped up a Canadian tour, and  Rock Cellar caught up with frontman  Zakk Wylde for a wide-ranging conversation about those shows and numerous other subjects. Wylde talked about the influence the late guitarist Randy Rhoads had on him. “One of the biggest things I learned from him is construction, and where you can go with a solo by playing Randy’s music. He was a brilliant soloist who had such a melodic sense — there’d be a beginning, middle and end, as he could tell a whole story in a song.” When Wylde joined Ozzy Osbourne’s band in 1987, he said his aim was to remain faithful to Rhoads’ guitar playing as much as possible. “Even those very first shows, everyone was rooting for me because they knew I was on the team, and loved Randy Rhoads as much as they did. They could see I played Randy’s stuff exactly his way, and had the highest respect for what he did. There’s no way you can fill his shoes, so you just have to give respect to his music and play it accurately. You have to, because this is the house that Rhoads built. And without Randy Rhoads, there never would have been a Zakk Wylde.” A huge fan of Black Sabbath, Wylde and his wife recently had a son and named him Sabbath . He gave his take on the new album Sabbath is in the midst of recording. “Put it this way – if anybody’s going to be working on the new Sabbath record, it couldn’t be in better hands than [producer] Rick Rubin,” Wylde said. “Father Rubin is a massive Sabbath fan as well, and if anything Rick is going to make sure it turns out to be an awesome Sabbath record.” The interview also features Wylde recalling a funny encounter that happened when Ozzy Osbourne visited him at his studio. “He looks up at this poster I have on the wall of Aleister Crowley, and he goes, ‘Zakk  [assuming Ozzy’s voice ], who’s the fucking bald-headed c–t on the wall?’ And I’m just f—ing cracking up.  So Ozzy says, “What the f—’s so funny?” And I said, ‘Dude, you don’t know who that is?’ Ozzy goes, ‘Why the f— should I know who he is? Who the f— is it?’ So I said, ‘Ozzy, you’ve only been singing about him for the last 30 f—ing years! It’s Aleister Crowley, bro!’ There’s a pause, then Ozzy says, ‘Oh, is that what he looks like?’ I kid you not.” In addition to being a guitar wizard, Wylde is a man of many other talents as well. He has a line of signature hot sauces, hosts a sports talk radio show and wrote the book ‘ Bringing Metal to the Children ‘ that was released earlier this year. Black Label Society head south for a tour that begins Nov. 11 in Mexico, which will also take them to Argentina and Brazil. [button href=”” title=”Next: Zakk Wylde to Host Sports Radio Show” align=”center”]

Lamb of God Announce Fall 2012 U.S. Tour Dates With In Flames, Hatebreed, Hellyeah + Sylosis

Ladies and gentlemen, Lamb of God are back and ready to rock! After Randy Blythe’s return to the stage at Knotfest after his monthlong incarceration in the Czech Republic, the band is set to embark on a U.S. headlining tour this fall. It hasn’t been the easiest year for Lamb of God, as vocalist Randy Blythe was suddenly arrested shortly after the band’s arrival for a Czech Republic tour date.