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Randy Rhoads’ Family Files Lawsuit Over Coffee Table Book

Paul Natkin, Getty Images The family of late and legendary Ozzy Osbourne / Quiet Riot guitarist Randy Rhoads have taken legal action over a coffee table book titled ‘Randy Rhoads’ that has allegedly been published using unauthorized materials. According to a fresh press release, the family of Randy Rhoads entered into an agreement with producer Peter Margolis in 2007 to construct a documentary film on the life of Rhoads. Although the deal had been made, Margolis himself was not granted ownership of any ideas or materials that would be used for the documentary, including photos, videos and sound recordings. The Rhoads family is now accusing Margolis, along with book co-authors Andrew Klein and Steven Rosen and publishing company Velocity Publishing Group Inc. of using the unauthorized materials for the ‘Randy Rhoads’ coffee table book. Margolis and Klein were expected to work with Dakota Films for an official Randy Rhoads documentary, with Margolis reportedly promising the film would be completed within three years. Margolis had reportedly claimed, as of early 2012, that the film was completed, but family members who watched portions of the documentary claim it was “edited poorly and unprofessionally,” adding that the quality of the film was “abysmal.” Rhoads’ mother, Delores, and sisters Kathryn and Kelle, now claim that the ‘Randy Rhoads’ coffee table book, which was co-authored by Andrew Klein and rock writer Steven Rosen, contains more that 50 instances where unauthorized materials were used. The Randy Rhoads Estate has reacted by filing a lawsuit against Peter Margolis, Andrew Klein, Steven Rosen and Velocity Publishing Group Inc. The family claims the long process and alleged “betrayal” has been especially hard on Randy Rhoads’ mother, Delores, who is now in her 90s. “He was a saint … He was an angel, and too good for this world,” says Delores Rhoads. “His death’s always on my mind. Every year at the anniversary of his birth and death, fans from all over the world gather at his grave site to honor his passing. We will never forget him. His musical legacy lives on in the minds and music of his many fans.” Stay tuned for future updates on the legal proceedings as news breaks. [button href=”” title=”10 Randy Rhoads Videos That Rock” align=”center”]

Godsmack’s Sully Erna To Release Limited Edition ‘Avalon’ Box Set

Ethan Miller, Getty Images Godsmack singer Sully Erna is extending the life of his ‘Avalon’ solo album with a limited edition box set . Only 5,000 copies of the collection will be sold, and Erna had done his best to pack the box sets full of material that will bolster its value for those who purchase it. Described as “the ultimate Sully Erna fan package,” the box set includes a full performance of the ‘Avalon’ record live from Boston’s Wilbur Theatre that was recorded last December. During the set, the singer displayed his many musical talents by tackling drums and piano, as well. The collection also includes the ‘Sully Erna: Journey to Avalon’ documentary, ‘The Making of Avalon Live’ featurette, and seven discs of material in total. There’s also a bloopers CD, an audio CD of the album, and plenty more. As if that weren’t enough, Erna is also packing the collection with a number of collectible items. Fans will get a coffee table book, hat t-shirt, guitar pick, poster, incense, Sully’s biography, a commemorative backstage pass, and a Sully Erna necklace. The entire set comes in a custom metal Sully Erna-engraved box with a suede lining. There will also be several golden tickets included with the box set, and those receiving them will have a chance to join Sully on all-expense paid trips to Las Vegas, Catalina Island, Napa, New York, and Boston. Other items like autographed guitars, handmade drums, and handwritten lyrics may also turn up as prizes for those purchasing the box set. Though an official release date has not been announced, the ‘Avalon’ box set is expected in November. Watch a Trailer for Sully Erna’s ‘Avalon’ Box Set Watch Sully Erna’s ‘Eyes of a Child’ [button href=”” title=”Next: Godsmack – Top 21st Century Hard Rock Songs” align=”center”]

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