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Metallica Interviewed By CBS

(CBS News) “Enter Sandman” was one of the high-voltage hits that’s put the rock band Metallica on the charts again and again. They talk about the good times — and bad — with Anthony Mason . . . For The Record: As if the world’s biggest heavy metal band wasn’t big enough, in their film, “Metallica […]

Metallica Through The Never Review

Regardless of how many times you have seen Metallica live, or if you’ve never been fortunate enough to catch them in concert, if you’re a fan of the band, you’ll want to see ‘Metallica Through The Never.’ The film is a 92-minute opus that will likely leave theatergoers speechless when the end credits roll. One of the […]

A Delicate Process – “Apocalyptic Beasts”

Apocalyptic Beasts Here is another song by A Delicate Process “Apocalyptic Beasts” check them out.  

A Delicate Process Release New Single “Integrity”

Up and coming on strong A Delicate Process have been hard at work in the studio and playing local gigs this summer and now have released their first recorded single “Integrity”. These guys are good and if you want to see them play contact me at 361-443-4402. Listen to their first single “Integrity”     […]