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ANTHRAX Worship Music

“Time bomb… ticking away, ticking away”. These lyrics from the bridge of “Earth On Hell” are surely deliberate. Faced with both the personal flame out of the poorly received Dan Nelson as well as snubbed overtures directed toward John Bush, the remaining members of Anthrax went into fight or flight mode: either it was time …

Lamb of God Smashes Corpus Christi, TX

I went to see Lamb of God with Anthrax last night with my wife and 16 yr old daughter. It was probably my 5th or 6th time to see them. The opening acts were OK, but the real excitement started when Anthrax took to the stage. The whole atmosphere changed. The crowd swarmed to the […]

Video: Footage Of Anthrax In The Studio

Anthrax’s Scott Ian really loves YouTube. Earlier in the month, Ian uploaded multiple clips taken from the studio as he laid down tracks for their long awaited album Worship Music. Enjoying the tease, Ian has uploaded yet another clip from the recording sessions called “Right Hand Fun.” While the last uploads featured Ian recording “Fight […]