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New Bands Section

I have just created a New Bands section to promote new bands who want to get their music out to the world. It won’t cost you a dime. So if you have a new band and you want to see your bands info and video on Metal Scene News, then send me the info to┬á […]

A Delicate Process

My son is the singer in a heavy metal band that was formed about one month ago. They call themselves “A Delicate Process”. They have played 3 or 4 gigs and will play again this Sunday night. These guys are coming together pretty good and they are landing gigs. So if you are in the […]

SYSTEM OF A DOWN Drummer Discusses The Possibility Of A New Album

For the first time since 2005, System of a Down aren't ruling out the possibility of a new record at all. According to, in a recent interview with drummer John Dolmayan and bassist Shavo Odadjian, Dolmayan said: We are going to make a new album at a certain point, it's just a matter of …

Upcoming Band Wins First Round of Battle of the Bands

A Delicate Process won their round in their first ever battle of the bands. These guys have only been playing together for a little over a month. I wish I had the guys names to list here, but I only know the lead singers name, Brandon Jimenez who is my son. Check them out below […]

Not Guilty Verdict In Randy Blythe’s Murder Trial

Lamb of God and its fans can rest easy as the verdict came in a little over an hour ago. Not Guilty is the frontman of Lamb of God. Randy Blythe is now a free man. He faced up to 10 years in prison if convicted. It may not be all over though. The prosecuter […]

The Infernal Sea-Call of the Augur

Self-Release/Independent 2012 Debut-releases can be hit or miss to begin with, but when you’re talking about black metal/death metal bands? Well, that’s a whole different game you’re talking about. It always seems to me as if they’re really good or really awful. And, more often then not, when it comes to black metal self-releases, well, let’s just say I’ve heard some stuff that no one, not even you’re worse enemy, should be forced to endure. Let’s all bless the creatures of the night that this 4-piece UK not only know what they’re doing, but they do it well. The band was formed in 2009 with it’s members (vocals-Dean Lettice, guitar- Jonathan Egmore, bass- Geoff Taha and drums- James Burke) having come from UK acts like The Argent Dawn, Raise the Dead and Middenhelm. from various. Not only did these four come from other successful OK acts (hence the skill-level here), the group has shared the stage with the likes of Napalm Death, Anaal Nathrakh, 1349, Vreid, Martyr Defiled, Romeo Must Die, Gorath and Annotations of an Autopsy .? Not too shabby at all. Interestingly enough, this very evening (February 27th, 2013), the band is set to release their new EP, “The Crypt Sessions”, digitally. A very limited run of cassettes will be available for that one (30!) and, by the time this goes to print, I wouldn’t be all that surprised to find them sold-out! I’ve review that EP in a day or two (time allowing), but for now let’s turn our attention back to the band’s debut-album. Rumor has it that this release is already on its second print run which, again, comes as no real surprise considering how solid The Infernal Sea is. What I like best about these 7 tracks is that while it’s blackened death metal there’s elements of melodic death and even some doom to be found here. I’m not suggesting this is “slow me down black metal as I’m falling madly in love with Black Sabbath” style doom/death. Nope. It’s more this feeling of overall doom you get as you struggle to come to gripes with the fact that misery can sound so mature and melodic, and yet decidedly and old-school, from a band less then a decade old! Whether these guys make it or break it depends on exposure as black/death metal, like metalcore in years past, is flooded with imitators and wannabes. My curiosity is peaked now for their new EP so it looks like I’ll have to clear my schedule some for this UK 4-piece ! ?

Mixing Is Complete On Final RIGOR MORTIS Album

I was very excited when I posted that Rigor Mortis would be releasing a new album, however that was before Mike Scaccia's untimely passing. It's been a few months since, and now news has broke that Dallas-based engineer Kerry Crafton, who engineered the original self-titled for Capitol Records in 1988, has finished mixing the final … The post Mixing Is Complete On Final RIGOR MORTIS Album appeared first on Metal Injection .