All Shall Perish Guitarist Ben Orum Announces Departure From Band

Facebook: All Shall Perish All Shall Perish guitarist Ben Orum has chosen to leave the band in order to focus on being a father. A statement just released by Orum details his inability to tour with the band while continuing to be an attentive father, while letting fans know that he will continue making music with the new and smaller project, Oblivion. Although Orum manned the guitar for All Shall Perish, he plays bass for the extreme / death metal project Oblivion. Oblivion’s debut album, Called to Rise’ will be independently released by the band on Jan. 1. Orum, who sat out All Shall Perish’s last couple of tours, posted the following message on his official Facebook fan page: I have given over 10 years of my blood, sweat, and tears to pursuing my dream which you all have helped fulfill. Being in All Shall Perish has been the best experience in my life, outside of being a father. While I am deeply saddened by my decision to leave the band it is necessary at this point in my life. As you know I have a family and obligation to provide for them and be here. Unfortunately, I could not fulfill my duty as a touring musician any longer. While I am done with touring, I will never stop writing music. I am joining the extreme metal band Oblivion as a bassist and contributing songwriter. Oblivion’s debut album will be released on January 1st, 2013. We are beyond excited to unleash it onto the metal world. I’ve always been into death metal and extreme music, this is my return to TRUE Death Metal. What makes Oblivion unique and sets us apart from the pack is the fact that our primary songwriter is a world-renown classical composer and professor of music, Dr. Nick Vasallo. His voice gives the music a subtle refinement with the craftsmanship of the compositions. I’ve known Nick since high school and we were in our first band together- Antagony. Nick went on to college and became a classical composer. I went on to a successful career as a touring musician/songwriter in ASP. Now, 10 years later we are working together again. It’s a full circle. While Oblivion were recording their album, Nick injured his thumb and was unable to finish his tracks, which has delayed the album recording. On top of that, he has accepted an appointment as a tenure-track professor at a prestigious university and won’t be able to juggle all the hats of singing, composing, and playing bass for Oblivion. So that’s where I come in–I’ll be fulfilling his duties as a bassist. We also have another Dr. in the making, our guitarist Victor Dods is finishing his PhD in Math. The other guitarist, Ted O’Neil, is a veteran from the original thrash scene in 80′s, and our drummer, Luis Martinez, is a natural phenom. All of this plus me, makes us a huge force to be reckoned with. Stay tuned for the heaviest and darkest music out there. We are Oblivion. Oblivion’s ‘Called to Rise’ is now available to pre-order and the band are now streaming four new songs from their debut album, with the track ‘Reclamation’ available for free download. [button href=”” title=”All Shall Perish Talk to Loudwire About Drinking, Smoking and Poop Pranks” align=”center”]

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All Shall Perish Guitarist Ben Orum Announces Departure From Band

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