Anthrax’s Frank Bello on Metal Masters 4, Bonding With Phil Anselmo + More

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Bassist Frank Bello has had a busy year. On top of touring with Anthrax throughout the year and  playing Richard Hell in the film ‘Greetings From Tim Buckley’, he has also been a vital part of the all-star Metal Masters clinics. Loudwire spoke to Bello about the clinic’s latest installment, Metal Masters 4 , which took place in his hometown of New York City, his bond with Pantera / Down singer  Phil Anselmo and his enthusiasm for a possible Metal Masters 5. You guys killed at Metal Masters 4 in New York City. What did that experience of being in your hometown mean to you? Well, No. 1, it was easy – I can get a taxi home, I was feeling the Jager the night before. [Laughs] It was really rough and I like being in my bed when I feel like that – it’s just way easier I can just get there. The funny thing about it was I wasn’t at home for that long because rehearsal was that night and everybody had drinks that night, we got pie-eyed a little bit and I had to be at soundcheck and there’s so much pressure for the [fourth edition]. This thing took a life of its own now, I had to be down there at [noon], so I was literally home for six, seven hours. But It was so nice, they give you that home vibe, it’s New York, let’s face it that was a great crowd. It was an insane crowd and I thought it was one of the better ones because it had its edge to it that night. We all came off stage that night and we knew it was amazing because the vibe from the crowd was amazing. The crowd was also hopped up on free tubes of Jager. [Laughs] It never hurts though. That whole last Mayhem tour that Anthrax dig, we had a shot called a 9:28 shot. At 9:28 right after Slayer played we would all congregate in Slayer’s dressing room and the Jager party pretty much started from that time on pretty much through the wee hours – I’m telling you every night. So after that last Mayhem tour, I was drained I needed to come home and just chill for while. How would you describe your friendship with Phil Anselmo? Very close, brothers in arms. It’s great communication, we know each other so well. I think I’m one of the people he actually trusts — and the other guys on the stage, you can tell Phil trusts us. It’s a really nice tight bond, he wouldn’t just jam with anybody, let’s put it that way. [Laughs] Is it safe to say that Phil Anselmo might have a little bit of a crush on you? [Laughs] You know, we have so much fun together. The whole “crazy legs” thing – that’s the first thing he’s ever said to me – with all the crazy, stupid things I do onstage with Anthrax ‘cause I’m always moving, that’s why he brought up the name “crazy legs.” His girlfriend says the same thing and they emailed me right after, “Can’t wait to do it again,” and that’s so cool to hear Any plans for a Metal Masters 5? As soon as that was done we all said to Mark Menghi, the guy who runs all the stuff: “Whenever, let us know, it was a lot of fun.” [Laughs] We’ll take it all up again and see what happens. It probably won’t be in New York but you know what’s crazy, there are a lot of people asking for this thing now, which is great. [button href=”” title=”Frank Bello Talks One Year Anniversary of ‘Worship Music'” align=”center”]

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Anthrax’s Frank Bello on Metal Masters 4, Bonding With Phil Anselmo + More

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