Anthrax’s Scott Ian Envisions Late 2013 Start for Next Studio Album

Kevin Winter, Getty Images Anthrax are still going strong on their ‘Worship Music’ album and will soon offer a new collection called ‘ Anthems ‘ that’s full of cover songs, but the thoughts of a new album have begun to enter the minds of the band’s members as well. Guitarist Scott Ian told Australia’s Loud magazine that while they haven’t officially started on anything yet, he does have an idea as to when they’ll begin. The guitarist explained, “There certainly are ideas. There’s stuff that we never finished from ‘Worship Music’ and some new stuff that we’ve been coming up with, but we haven’t actually gotten in a room yet to start arranging stuff. That’ll probably really start over the next few months and then certainly after August, cause that’s when we finish touring this year. After that we’ll be really focused on writing and getting back in the studio.” Ian says that with the group being a veteran band, there’s not too much worry when it comes to launching the creative process over again for a new record. He adds, “Everybody’s involved in arranging, coming up with melody ideas. Everybody is involved and everybody has a say. It’s a very democratic process. I guess that would be the best way to put it.” As for the band’s guitarist situation after the exit of Rob Caggiano , Ian says, “We’re not really thinking about it at all right now. [ Shadows Fall ‘s] Jon [Donais] is filling in for Rob and that’s about as much as we’re thinking about. We’ve known Jon for a long time. We’ve hung out with him a bunch over the years. I’ve actually worked with him before so, yeah, it kinda was a pretty easy decision to have him come and play with us.” Donais will be on board for the band’s Soundwave shows in Australia as well as their ‘ Metal Alliance ‘ North American trek. [button href=”” title=”Next: Anthrax’s Scott Ian Details Rob Caggiano’s Departure” align=”center”]

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Anthrax’s Scott Ian Envisions Late 2013 Start for Next Studio Album

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