Best Suicide Silence Songs

Century Media The music world is in mourning the death of 28-year-old Suicide Silence singer Mitch Lucker, who was killed in a motorcycle accident in the early morning of Nov. 1 near Huntington Beach, Calif. His bandmates and his label, as well as fellow metal musicians, have offered up their statements and condolences on Lucker’s passing. The vocalist founded the extreme metal band in 2002 in Riverside, Calif., and Suicide Silence began to generate a buzz in 2007 with their debut disc, ‘The Cleansing.’ The band would go on to release five singles from that album, leaving a mark that they were around to stay. The group’s sophomore album, ‘No Time to Bleed,’ arrived in 2009, with ‘The Black Crown’ keeping the two-year cycle in 2011. In honor of Mitch Lucker and his band, we bring you a sampling of the Best Suicide Silence Songs: ‘Unanswered’ ‘Wake Up’ ‘Disengage’ ‘Bludgeoned’ ‘You Only Live Once’ [button href=”” title=”Suicide Silence Frontman Mitch Lucker Killed in Motorcycle Accident” align=”center”]

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Best Suicide Silence Songs

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