Converge Offer Full Stream of Upcoming Album ‘All We Love We Leave Behind’

Epitaph Records Stop what you’re doing immediately and check out this awesome news. Extreme hardcore heroes Converge have released a full stream of their insanely anticipated eighth studio album, ‘All We Love We Leave Behind.’ For those of you who are still reading this, we’re assuming that you’re already listening to the album and somehow remembered that you were reading words a short time ago, so for everyone still with us, lets go a little bit in-depth about the new Converge record. Produced by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou, ‘All We Love We Leave Behind’ is a perfect continuation of Converge’s constant evolution while still sticking to their roots. The album holds the same intensity and nuances found on previous Converge albums, but the overall product doesn’t at all begin to play off of their prior material. It’s still Converge, but it remains incredibly fresh and surprising even to the more devoted followers of the band. In a recent interview with , Converge vocalist Jacob Bannon explains the process in creating ‘All We Love We Leave Behind.’ “We put a lot of emotional investment in writing our material,” begins Bannon. “It takes a lot of time, emotionally and psychologically to actually write the music and write the lyrics, so when you’re recording you just try and record the best piece of music to fit your vision. We’re definitely perfectionists, this is our craft. Some people don’t understand that and just hear our music as a lot of noise, they don’t necessarily understand what’s going on, apart from perhaps the loud volume, but there’s a lot of method to what we do.” Listen to Converge’s ‘All We Love We Leave Behind’ in full below. Converge, ‘All We Love We Leave Behind’ Full Album Stream [button href=”” title=”Converge: Top 21st Century Metal Songs” align=”center”]

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Converge Offer Full Stream of Upcoming Album ‘All We Love We Leave Behind’

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