Corey Taylor Expresses Interest in Dance Album + Justin Bieber Collaboration

Mary Ouellette, As a member of Slipknot and Stone Sour , you would expect Corey Taylor ‘s interests to lie on the hard rock and metal side, but the vocalist says he also has other musical interests as well, which might take him in the direction of recording a dance album someday. In a question and answer session with Revolver (excerpted by NME ), Taylor reveals that he’s looking to do “something funny and sarcastic,” and would be interested in a dance record. He explains, “I’m not talking ’70s dance and not that tired f—ing dubstep bulls—. I want to make it something that’s got that old school feel to it, but with a modern twinge. Just get ridiculous with it. I’ve already got a name for myself — the Boogie Knight, and I want to call the first album ‘The Boogie Knight Rises.’” Taylor also raised a few eyebrows by showing his respect rather than disdain for a fan-made mashup video that featured Slipknot’s ‘Psychosocial’ with Justin Bieber ‘s ‘Baby.’ The vocalist says, “I know Justin wasn’t responsible for it, but I just thought it was so cool. Everybody thought I’d be pissed about it, but I was blown away. Like, who the f— thought this would be a good idea? But I give him respect. He’s a very talented kid and he goes above and beyond for his fans.” Taylor reveals he was recently in Baltimore while Bieber was in Washington, D.C. and he reached out to the pop star to come out to his reading for an acoustic version of the mashup, but Bieber was visiting a children’s hospital at the time and the scheduling didn’t work. After his comments about Bieber went public, Taylor did notice a bit of backlash. He explained in a Facebook posting , “It’s entertaining reading the comments about me and the Biebs. I think everyone needs to calm down — it’ll never happen. Haha. HoGaBcontinues.” [button href=”” title=”Next: Corey Taylor Says Slipknot are ‘on Hiatus'” align=”center”]

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Corey Taylor Expresses Interest in Dance Album + Justin Bieber Collaboration

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