Cradle of Filth Unveil ‘For Your Vulgar Delectation’ Lyric Video

Nuclear Blast Records A couple of weeks after releasing the audio version of ‘For Your Vulgar Delectation,’ Cradle of Filth has unveiled a lyric video for the track from their upcoming album ‘The Manticore and Other Horrors.’ It’s set to be released on Oct. 30. Frontman Dani Filth also details the band’s latest escapades, including a video shoot, on the band’s blog . With the imminent release date for ‘The Manticore and Other Horrors,’ Cradle of Filth has been traveling worldwide doing press. Filth describes in a posting an interesting flight from France to Germany, recalling, “I am sat next to a woman with mild Tourette’s. Mild, as it’s fortunately only random whistling and exclamations as opposed to defamation and swearing, yet strangely enough it’s still unnerving even for @$$%&£@ me. I inadvertently keep my head buried in the Dennis Wheatley ‘Black Magic’ paperback I bought secondhand in Brighton a few weeks back, as landing brings on a bunch of R2D2 style expletives from the poor woman.” Filth also gives a behind the scenes look at the filming of the video for ‘Frost on Her Pillow,’ perhaps revealing a bit too much information. “I have to withstand not taking a poo for nigh on five hours due to the constraint of being physically locked into my costume by a bloody great chain,” explained the singer. “Still, it’s a riot, especially miming to the track, and I make myself hoarse for the first time in years actually singing over the blistering loud PA, then very shrill-sounding having had the bloody great chain swing pendulously back into my testicles, being leather-covered notwithstanding.” As you’d expect from a Cradle of Filth video, there are plenty of interesting characters. Filth describes, “Theres a Canadian Incubus, a glut of wenches, a fearsome-looking voodoo priest who ends up borrowing my contact lenses to become even more fearsome-looking (lovely bloke mind despite the head shrinking curse he puts on me), the beautiful victim Nina and some nice authentic Victorian props, pulpits, a glass coffin and plenty of fire!” Filth has posted several photos of the press junket and video shoot in the blog post. [button href=”” title=”Next: Cradle of Filth Unveil ‘The Manticore and Other Horrors’ Track Listing” align=”center”] Watch the Cradle of Filth ‘For Your Vulgar Delectation’ Lyric Video

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Cradle of Filth Unveil ‘For Your Vulgar Delectation’ Lyric Video

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