Dave Mustaine Thinks Jews Aren’t Metal; Wanted Marty Friedman To Change His Name

Dave has done it again! Ok, maybe I’m stretching this one a bit too far, but it’s still pretty funny. We’ve been keeping up with all of Mustaine’s insane ranting as of late, whether it be his support for Santorum, being anti-gay marriage, telling African women to put a plug in it or this new revelation that he knows Obama wasn’t born in America. A few weeks back, I was hanging out with my buddy Axl Rosenberg of MetalSucks and we were speculating on whom Mustaine would offend next. Axl put his money on the Jews and wouldn’t you know it, here is Dave talking shit on Jews, namely one Jew in specific, Marty Friedman…

In the latest issue of Decibel Magazine, they induct Megadeth’s fantastic opus Rust In Peace into the Decibel Hall of Fame and interview all the people who played on the record. When discussing adding guitar virtuoso Marty Friedman, he had one major criticism:

I remember talking to my manager and saying “This is the guy. But his name’s Friedman. That ain’t very metal. Can we get him to change his last name? A stage name?” My manager said “Well, he’s already an established guitar player.” Well, I went back in the room and told him he got the gig, but he had to get his hair fixed and get some new clothes so he didn’t look like a bum.

Somehow Dave powered through and the band released their most successful album to date! The added bonus is Mustaine is technically Jewish, since his mother was a Jew, although he was raised as a Jehovah’s witness.

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