Death, ‘Leprosy’ (Live at Streets: March 17, 1990) – Exclusive Song Premiere

Relapse For those unfamiliar with the metal band Death , you’re missing a crucial piece of music history. Widely known as the first death metal band, Death accumulated one of music’s greatest discographies before the passing of frontman Chuck Schuldiner, with the record ‘Spiritual Healing’ being one of his crown jewels. The upcoming reissue of the classic album includes a new live disc, and we’re proud to exclusively premiere a never-before-released live performance of the track ‘Leprosy.’ The official reissue of ‘Spiritual Healing’ will see a release date of Nov. 20 through Relapse Records. The three-disc deluxe edition contains a completely new remaster of the ‘Spiritual Healing’ album, a CD of 16 previously unreleased rehearsal outtakes and studio instrumentals, along with an extra disc that showcases a full live performance from 1990 in New Rochelle, N.Y., along with “unearthed” versions of various tracks and pre-’Human’ rehearsals of ‘Suicide Machine,’ ‘Together as One’ and ‘See Through Dreams.’ This exclusive premiere of ‘Leprosy’ was recorded on March 17, 1990, at Streets in New Rochelle. ‘Leprosy’ was the final track played that night, with Death delivering an absolutely punishing performance showcasing the masterful musicianship of each member of the band, but like other Death works, Chuck Schuldiner shines through with blistering guitar work and cement-churning vocals. To pre-order the reissue of ‘Spiritual Healing,’ check out the album’s official Relapse page or purchase the album through iTunes . Also, be sure to check out Death’s official Facebook page for more info. And finally, listen to the exclusive premiere of ‘Leprosy’ live in the player below. Listen to Death, ‘Leprosy’ (Live @ Streets – March 17, 1990) ? [button href=”” title=”Next: Death Win Silver Medal in Extreme Metal Olympics” align=”center”]

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Death, ‘Leprosy’ (Live at Streets: March 17, 1990) – Exclusive Song Premiere

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