Dir En Grey Reveal ‘The Unraveling’ Mini-Album Track Listing + Release Date

Bryan Bedder, Getty Images Japanese hard rock favorites Dir En Grey have been busy of late, completing a new seven-song mini-album called ‘The Unraveling’ that’s due to be released on April 3. According to the band’s website , the disc will be available in three packages. There’s the original CD only version that comes with the songs ‘Unraveling,’ ‘Karma,’ ‘Kasumi,’ ‘Karasu,’ ‘Bottom of the Death Valley,’ ‘Unknown.Despair.Lost’ and ‘The Final.’ There’s also a limited edition two-disc version that features the seven-song CD plus a DVD that includes documentary footage from the recording of ‘The Unraveling’ disc. The final version is a limited order-only deluxe version that comes with a pair of CDs and a DVD. In addition to the original CD and the DVD with the documentary footage, those who purchase this package will also get a three-track disc featuring the non-album song ‘Macabre,’ plus unplugged versions of ‘Unraveling’ and ‘The Final.’ The new mini-album will arrive just four months after their most recent single release. ‘Rinkaku’ was served up just before Christmas for the band’s fans. You can hear the track by clicking the red button below. Dir En Grey’s ‘The Unraveling’ Track Listing: 1. ‘Unraveling’ 2. ‘Karma’ 3. ‘Kasumi’ 4. ‘Karasu’ 5. ‘Bottom of the Death Valley’ 6. ‘Unknown.Despair.Lost’ 7. ‘The Final’ [button href=”http://loudwire.com/dir-en-grey-new-single-rinkaku/” title=”Next: Listen to Dir En Grey’s ‘Rinkaku'” align=”center”]

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Dir En Grey Reveal ‘The Unraveling’ Mini-Album Track Listing + Release Date

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