Down Make Theatrical Fright Film With ‘Witchtripper’ Video

YouTube Down ‘s video for ‘Witchtripper’ is more like an old school, black & white, occult horror movie than it is a music video. You know what that means? It’s much more fun than your average metal video. The clip opens with a coven of cloaked ladies aka witches tossing eyeballs and other items like chicken feet into a cauldron and then burying nooses, hands and more in the sand. We’re not sure what they are doing or why, and it’s probably best not to ask. It’s intriguing nonetheless and we couldn’t look away. Overall, the video has a bit of a ‘Night of the Living Dead’ vibe with the grainy way it’s filmed. The fact that a muscular metal song provides the sound, as opposed to dialogue, makes it that much more ominous. But it also has a bit of camp to it, too. The Down boys are having fun while paying homage to a genre they clearly love. Several occult symbols, like pentagrams, are featured, throughout, too. The entire band factors into the plot, with frontman Philip Anselmo as Magus, wearing eyeliner and a wig. We can’t do it justice, especially if you a horror buff (like Anselmo is) with an eye for detail. Just watch it and come up with your own conclusions about the plot and the nefarious goings on! ‘Witchtripper’ appears on the just-released ‘Down IV, Part 1 – The Purple EP.’ You can read our review of the EP here . Watch Down’s ‘Witchtripper’ Video [via Fuse] [button href=”” title=”Next: Down Perform With Ex-Bassist Rex Brown in Dallas” align=”center”]

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Down Make Theatrical Fright Film With ‘Witchtripper’ Video

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