Fan Reportedly Tried to Fight Vince Neil After Singer Took a Swing at Him

Ethan Miller, Getty Images During a solo performance in New Mexico, Motley Crue singer Vince Neil appeared to take a swing at an audience member for no discernible reason. In the footage released exclusively by TMZ, there was no context as to what incited the response from Neil, but we’ve now got the back story to go with the video. The Vince Neil incident took place at the Mountain Gods casino in New Mexico, and now a representative for the Casino has reportedly explained the back story to the thrown punch, along with what occurred after the show had concluded. TMZ reports that the concertgoer in question had repeatedly attempted to grab at Vince Neil while he was singing onstage, which led to a fed up Neil taking a swing at him and kicking him out of the show. Interestingly enough, that wasn’t the end of the story. The fan, who was allegedly intoxicated, tried to get some revenge on Neil at the concert after party. “During the post-performance party at the property,” the unnamed casino rep begins, “the intoxicated fan and his group of friends, who were also visibly inebriated, returned and continually attempted to get close to Vince.” Before the fan and his entourage had the chance to reach Neil, they were thrown off the property by casino security. [button href=”” title=”Vince Neil to Star in New Reality Show ‘Vince Neil Escapes'” align=”center”]

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Fan Reportedly Tried to Fight Vince Neil After Singer Took a Swing at Him

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