Flyleaf + Drowning Pool Show Off New Vocalists at New York City Show

Flyleaf and Drowning Pool put on one hell of a show last night (Feb. 28) in New York City for an intimate performance at Irving Plaza.

Flyleaf closed the show with their new frontwoman Kristen May, who hit the stage with spunk and charisma. She did justice to new tracks such as ‘Call You Out,’ ‘New Horizons,’ ‘Fire Fire,’ ‘Cage on the Ground’ and others.The band as a whole rocked out for diehard fans who belted out lyrics to older favorites such as ‘Cassie,’ ’Arise,’ ‘I’m Sorry’ and ‘Sorrow.’

May has her own unique style and vocal deliverance, which was still both hardhitting and melodic. The singer also seemed incredibly comfortable with her new bandmates onstage. Flyleaf ended their set with their massive hits ‘All Around Me’ and ‘I’m So Sick.’

Drowning Pool exploded onto the stage and thoroughly rocked the audience with new frontman Jason Moreno, who sounded impeccable.  Vocally, Moreno is commanding and intense, which is reminiscent of the band’s original lead singer, the late Dave Williams.The band got fans bouncing with new tracks off of their forthcoming album, ‘Resilience,’ including singles ‘Saturday Night’ and ‘One Finger and a Fist.’

The crowd was especially moved during tracks performed from Drowning Pool’s debut album, ‘Sinner,’ including the title track and ‘Tear Away.’  Fans truly lost their minds as the band ended their set with their signature song, ‘Bodies.’

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