Former White Zombie Drummer’s Band to Release Cover of ‘Black Sunshine’ The recently reunited Healer consists of original White Zombie  drummer Ivan de Prume along with guitarist/vocalist Scott ‘SVH’ Von Heldt (Love and Death, Brian ‘Head’ Welch). To celebrate the 20th anniversary of White Zombie’s ‘La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume I,’  Healer will release a cover of the track ‘Black Sunshine’ from that album (listen below). Healer, which also included Violinist Martin St. Pierre (Cirque du Soliel), released the album ‘Awakening’ in 2005, mixing hard rock, metal and world music. They toured periodically for a couple of years, including a stint on the Vans Warped Tour, but split in 2008. ‘Black Sunshine’ was recorded during sessions for a planned EP. “We started covering ‘Thunderkiss ‘65′ and ‘Black Sunshine’ in our live set and the vibe was very fresh and original because of the violin and world elements we had as a band” says Von Heldt. “When it came time to work on new material we recorded ‘Black Sunshine’ just to get a feel for blending that raw Zombie element with our own original twist and in the end I think we ended up with a pretty kick ass version of an already classic metal track!” Last year de Prume and Von Heldt started working on material again, and hope for a new Healer release by early 2013. ‘Black Sunshine’ will be available Oct. 31st via iTunes, Spotify, and other online retailers. Ivan de Prume was White Zombie’s drummer from 1986 to 1992 and appeared on the band’s first three studio albums. After leaving White Zombie, de Prume built a studio and has done producing and engineering work.  He’s also in the White Zombie tribute band House of Zombie .   Listen to Healer – ‘Black Sunshine’

Former White Zombie Drummer’s Band to Release Cover of ‘Black Sunshine’

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