Hollywood Undead Unveil New Track ‘We Are’

Octane California rap-rockers  Hollywood Undead are set to release their third album, ‘Notes from the Underground,’ in January, 2013, and they’ve just unleashed the disc’s lead single, ‘We Are.’ Hollywood Undead have released a lyric video (watch below) for ‘We Are,’ along with the song being available for download on iTunes . The fan reaction thus far has been incredibly positive to ‘We Are,’ which hones the band’s trademark radio rock sound with hip-hop influence. Vocalist Johnny 3 Tears explains, “The song is about collective resistance. It’s the silent majority, but we’re using Los Angeles as the backdrop. Every time we work with Danny, he takes our music to the next level. He’s willing to go as far outside the box as we are. As a whole, it’s a good introduction to ‘Notes From The Underground’ because it encompasses the band idealistically. Think of it as an ode to our misled youth.” He continues, ”We’ve maintained an underground identity. When we write songs, we’re coming from a place people don’t like to look at or talk about openly. As people get older, they get used to lying. We have a bond with so many kids because they have a trace of that honesty. They don’t know how bad some things get yet. We tell them the truth.” A few members of Hollywood Undead are currently wrapped up in a legal battle against former member Deuce , who is suing them for alleged assault and battery. “You know when six guys come up and go after you, when you’re drunk – I don’t really see that as a tough lose,” Deuce tells Loudwire. “If they want to grab one person and I grab one person, I’m a small dude I weigh 140 pounds, if they want to go one on one fine – not six guys jumpin’ you out of nowhere. I don’t know what kind of move that is.” Check out Hollywood Undead’s new track ‘We Are’ in the player below. Watch Hollywood Undead’s ‘We Are’ Lyric Video

Hollywood Undead Unveil New Track ‘We Are’

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