I Am War, Featuring Members of Atreyu + Bleeding Through, Unveil New Video

Razor & Tie I Am War , the new band featuring Atreyu ‘s Alex Varkatzas and Bleeding Through ‘s Brandan Schieppati, have unveiled their first video, ‘Uninvite Me To Your Facebook Party.’ The track appears on the outfit’s debut album ‘Outlive You All.’ Varkatzas says of the song and video, “’Uninvite Me To Your Facebook Party’ is a super-fast, tongue in cheek number about how ridiculous social media can be when people become too obsessed and attached to it. The video itself was a blast to record. Lots of high energy footage of I Am War tearing it up and sweating bullets in the process. The perfect recipe for a killer video!” Schieppati handles guitars, bass, and backing vocals on ‘Outlive You All’ and Varkatzas does the brunt of the vocals. The collaboration began when Varkatzas emailed Schieppati about his idea of doing an album of aggressive and brutal music. “Everything instantly clicked,” Schieppati recalls. “I was stoked when Alex got in touch. We wanted to keep it fast with very little ‘shredding’. It hearkens back to the good ole days of angry music.” Even though their respective bands have been very successful, the duo didn’t feel any pressure for I Am War to top the charts. “Brandan and I aren’t doing this to become rich a–holes and travel the world,” affirms Varkatzas. “We wanted to make an awesome record and release it. There’s no pressure to produce a hit or conquer the charts. The only pressure is not to look like complete jackasses. That’s liberating.” Watch I Am War’s ‘Uninvite Me To Your Facebook Party’ Video

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I Am War, Featuring Members of Atreyu + Bleeding Through, Unveil New Video

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