Killswitch Engage Post Video For ‘In Due Time’

I think just about everyone who got into metal through the New Wave of American Heavy Metal movement of the 00?s is excited for the new Killswitch Engage album Disarm the Descent. The album sees the return of original vocalist Jesse Leach, who sang on their breakout record Alive or Just Breathing. The album’s leading single ‘ In Due Time ‘ seemed to bring excitement to its peak, confirming that the band seemed to be reaching a new peak that the band hasn’t seen in a few years.

It’s a damn catchy track, and it’s good to hear Jesse back in the ranks. The video for the song was posted online this week, and it’s actually not all that special on the surface. There’s some standard performance footage and some meta-shots that makes the music video about how they filmed the music video you’re currently watching. Yeah. But the important thing is that everyone seems like they’re having a good time jamming on a new song with an old friend, and after some possible doubt and worry about the band’s future following previous vocalist Howard Jones’ exit from the band, it’s a good sign.

Maybe I’m reading too far into subtext that might not be there, but at any rate, it’s good to see that things are looking up for Killswitch. Disarm the Descent will be available April 2nd on Roadrunner Records.

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