Kurt Cobain Multimedia Exhibition in Miami Showcased by Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore

Frank Micelotta, Getty Images Few musicians possess the talent and character to retain ‘Rock God’ status nearly 20 years after their demise, but since 1994, the memory of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain has not faded one bit. Countless tributes have been paid to Cobain since his suicide, with the latest being a strange and multidimensional stage show featuring¬† Sonic Youth ‘s Thurston Moore . The artistic tribute , simply called ‘Kurt,’ was showcased at the Gusman Center for the Arts in Miami, Fla., on Dec. 6, as part of the city’s Art Basel extravaganza. The Cobain experiment began with a 12-minute film by contemporary artist Adarsha Benjamin, which depicted a Cobain-like figure wandering through a Super-8 world and tearing up musical instruments while Pacific Ocean waves violently crash along Northwestern shores. The face of the Kurt Cobain figure was never fully revealed, although flashes of the late musician’s physical characteristics were shown as a mysterious tease. After the film’s conclusion, a bizarre dance based off Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ video began, complete with flannel shirts and a smokey atmosphere. After some strange conceptual dancing, a proverbial snake charmer with a left-handed guitar blasted out a solo guitar piece with piercing distortion, entrancing the grunged-out dancers. To conclude the night, Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore introduced himself, speaking informally about his own life before focusing on the life of Kurt Cobain. “I want to read a couple of things I wrote,” Moore stated, “now or maybe later, with Kurt in mind. I thought the film was beautiful and I was happy to see that film. I love the idea that we can just be expressionistic in our feelings towards people, whether we were intimate with them or not, as long as they brought beauty and feeling into our lives.” Moore concluded the night with a multitude of spoken-word poetry along with an experimental and massively distorted noise piece. Check out some of Moore’s performance from ‘Kurt’ below. Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore Performs in ‘Kurt’

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Kurt Cobain Multimedia Exhibition in Miami Showcased by Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore

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