Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe Reportedly to Remain in Czech Jail for 10 More Days

Although it was reported that Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe would post bail of 4 million Czech Koruna (approx. $200,000), the news has just broke that Bythe will remain in Czech prison for approximately 10 more days.

Blythe remained in Czech prison over the weekend due to his inability to pay his bail since Czech banks are closed over the weekend. As Blythe’s Lamb of God bandmates flew back to their hometown of Richmond, Virginia, the Lamb of God vocalist was expected to be released today and allowed to return home according to a tweet from guitarist Mark Morton. Unfortunately, this will not be the case as Blythe remains in prison and may not even be able to leave the Czech Republic after his future release.

Czech website broke the news of Blythe’s additional jail time and also spoke with Prague District Court Judge Peter Fassati about what the future may hold for Randy Blythe. “It may well be decided on the conditions of release, such as staying in the Czech Republic, or the availability of a specific address,” says Fassati. “If the conditions are violated, they could follow the steps as an international arrest warrant.”

Although reports that Blythe will be in prison for “at least 10 days,” Fassati says that the metal vocalist “may be released within ten days.”

Video if the alleged incident has surfaced online, which seems to show the incident involving the now-deceased fan, recently identified only as 19-year-old ‘Daniel N.’

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