Meshuggah Vocalist Jens Kidman Misses U.S. Shows Due to Illness, Replaced by Cardboard Cutout

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Meshuggah vocalist Jens Kidman has been fighting a serious flu during his band’s current North American tour with Animals as Leaders + Intronaut . Since Feb. 12, Kidman has been unable to perform because of his affliction, forcing the rest of the Swedish extreme metal band to get creative with filling Kidman’s vacant spot. Tonight (Feb. 15), Meshuggah are hitting New York City for a crushing performance, but since Jens Kidman hasn’t been healthy enough to perform in Atlanta, Ga., Charlotte, N.C. and Philadelphia, respectfully, the vocalist is still questionable for the show, along with Meshuggah’s remaining North American dates . The band took to Facebook on Feb. 12, breaking the bad news of Kidman’s illness to their Atlanta fans: Jens is down with the flu. And this flu means business. He has been forbidden to even speak. He’s mute for now. WE WILL PLAY ANYWAY. So memorize the lyrics and bring your very best growl Atlanta. You will all be Jens tonight!! Lets make this happen! We hope he’s back tomorrow, or it’ll be vocal-duties Charlotte! To help replicate Meshuggah’s heavier-than-hell live show, the group brought a cardboard cutout of Kidman onto the stage to fill his empty space, while a live vocal track from a past Meshuggah performance blasted through the speakers. Intronaut guitarist / vocalist Sacha Dunable has also been giving Meshuggah a helping hand (or voice) by claiming guest vocal duties for ‘New Millennium Cyanide Christ.’ Kidman himself posted an apology via Meshuggah’s Facebook page right before the act’s Feb. 13 Charlotte gig: I just need to say a few words here guys. I’m truly unable to perform tonight. Again. Me not being able to do what I’m supposed to do is really really frustrating and I feel that I’m letting you all down. Not just you, the fans, but the band as well. But we try to make the absolute best we can out of this situation. So its either cancel OR play for you guys anyway. We opt for playing. Its what we’re here to do. So that’s what we’ll do. With your help it’ll be awesome. I will see the doctor again tomorrow and will hopefully get a green light to perform in Philly. Fingers crossed. So a big humble thanks goes out to all of you for your support and understanding!! Let the mayhem commence Charlotte!!! /Jens Stay tuned for more news on Meshuggah and the health status of Jens Kidman. Meshuggah Perform ‘Bleed’ with Cardboard Jens Kidman (Live in Atlanta) Meshuggah Perform ‘New Millenium Cyanide Christ’ with Sacha Dunable (Live in Atlanta) [button href=”” title=”Meshuggah – Top 21st Century Metal Songs” align=”center”]

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Meshuggah Vocalist Jens Kidman Misses U.S. Shows Due to Illness, Replaced by Cardboard Cutout

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